Twin Mirror Memento Guide

A Guide To Every Twin Mirror Memento Location 

twin mirror memento guide

The most common collectibles featured in the game are mementos, and there are fourteen different places to find a Twin Mirror memento. They’re all scattered throughout the game. Each one can be found to add more details to the numerous character profiles featured within Sam’s journal. Collect them all for the ‘full house’ trophy achievement. Here is their listing in chronological order.


Lookout Point 

Lovers’ Initials (Anna): At the beginning, on the overlook, check behind the patch of moss on a tree just before the area with the Spyglass. 


Coal Miner’s Haven Parking Lot

Coal Miner’s Haven (Nick): At the side alley you can find the old bar sign. 


Coal Miner’s Haven 

Anna’s Guitar (Anna): Check her guitar just after her performance. It’ll be propped against the stage chair.


Coal Miner’s Haven (Second Visit)

Exotic Bottle (Ethan): In the back storage room, check the top right of the security desk shelf by the movie poster for Ethan’s bottle. 


Downtown Basswood

Dennis’ license plate (Dennis): Check the rear of the white sedan parked in the Black Hart Hotel parking lot for Dennis’s nameplate.


Downtown Basswood 

Miner Graffiti (Joe): Check the graffiti wall across from where Declan accosts the teen.


Downtown Basswood – Pharmacy 

Painted Glass Jar (Kathy): Check the left of the front desk by the register next to Kathy for a jar made by Bug when she was little. 


Downtown Basswood – Cafe Americano

Cowboy Keychain (Declan): In the Cafe, check the bulletin corkboard by the leather couches and touch Declan’s keys.


Downtown Basswood – Basswood Jungle 

Nameplate (Walter): At your old journalism office, check your old desk and touch your Nameplate. 


Downtown Basswood – Basswood Jungle 

Team Photo (Tara): At Walter’s office while attempting to unlock his computer, go to the back wall and inspect the large group photo of all the journalists. 


Anna’s House 

Travel Journal (Anna): Check the corner left of the fireplace behind the chair.


Anna’s House – Second Floor 

Joan’s Plushie (Joan): Check the guestroom desk drawer. You’ll see it hanging out. 


Nick’s Fishing Shack 

Graduation Photo (Nick): Inspect the wall of Nick’s photos and check out the top one of him and Kathy back in college. 


Nick’s Fishing Shack 

The Adventure Of Tardigrade Man (Joan): After you leave the Shack through the backdoor, check the bench on the left for a comic. 


And that’s all of the Twin Mirror mementos in the game. You can also check out our Twin Mirror Memory Guide and Twin Mirror Mind Palace Guide. And for those interested, feel free to read our upcoming Twin Mirror review.


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