Far Cry 5

5 Things You Should Be Able To Do With Far Cry 5’s Animal Companions

Friends Are Good. Pets Are Better.   Are you playing Far Cry 5? Right now? Probably not right now, but if it’s not on your radar, you are missing out! Arguably one of the best experiences in games I’ve had in a long time (check my full review here),…

Overwatch League: East vs West? Not Necessarily

Or at least it doesn’t have to be. You may have heard that the new giants New York Excelsior, comprised of former Luxury Watch players, have won stage two of Overwatch League’s inaugural season. This comes after a playoff round upset where Philadelphia Fusion triumphed over London Spitfire. Or,…

Let’s Start Adapting More Games From Books

Take a look! It’s in a book! On Nintendooooooo…     I’m worried about the Wrinkle in Time movie. Not because I think it looks bad; I try to withhold judgment on these things, and besides, so far I think it looks pretty neat. No, I’m worried about A Wrinkle in Time because…
shadow of the colossus

On Shadow of the Colossus PS4’s Photo Mode And Its Expression of Storytelling

What makes a colossus? It is no surprise fierce debates endure regarding the Shadow of the Colossus PlayStation 4 remake and how it compares to its PlayStation 2 progenitor: despite the vast graphical upgrades, the 2005 original’s foggier atmosphere and minimal colors don’t just remain the most captivating technological…

Why EA Shouldn’t Make The Sims 5

Will There Be A Sims 5? EA have yet to tell us very much about The Sims 5, only that they initially intended it to be released around 2019, but now we should expect it around 2020. On release of The Sims 4, a fifth installment of the game looked…

Quantic Nightmare: Why We Shouldn’t Tolerate Unhealthy Studio Culture

It’s 2018! This behaviour has long been unacceptable! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Quantic Dream’s video game designer, David Cage, and video game producer, Guillaume de Fondaumière being accused of some very shocking things. One of them being sexual assault, as well as predatory…

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