Sakura Wars Part 5 - Featured Image

Sakura Wars: Into a Sakura Colored Future?

After a week of introspection, comparison, and explanation, it’s time to ask the all-important question. Does this soft-reboot of the Sakura Wars franchise seem like a perfect romance? Or could this be a sorrowful parting of ways?   Hey, Poor Players! Welcome to the finale of our week-long coverage…

Why We’re Hyped For Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 is poised to deliver a Grand Upper to our nostalgia this Spring, and we can’t wait. Without a doubt, it’s an exciting time to be a Streets of Rage fan. With today’s announcement of Streets of Rage 4’s fifth and final playable character, Floyd, and…

5 Games We Can’t Wait To Play in March That Aren’t Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s the end of the world as we know it. Hey, Poor Players. Spring is almost here, and that means the glacial release flow of the post-holiday season is starting to thaw, bringing tons of new games to the starving masses. With March just days away and some of…
best 25 nintendo games of the decade

The 25 Best Nintendo Games of the Decade (2010-2019)

Did your favorite Big N game make the list? From Wii and DS’s twilight years to the unstoppable success of Switch. The little handheld that could in 3DS to undeniable flops in Wii U. Nintendo’s ups and downs this past decade are a testament to their enduring legacy —…
gris undertale

What Playing Through My Backlog As My 2019 New Year’s Resolution Taught Me About Happiness

The Four Noble Truths learned through gaming in 2019 “I’m going to play more video games this year.” I remember the look on my husband’s face when I told him my New Year’s Resolution for 2019: confusion. “You mean, more than you already do?” He had asked, puzzled. I…
bubble bobble

8-Bit Chronicles: Bubble Bobble

Now it is the beginning of a fantastic story! Bleeps, bloops, and pixels: the cornerstones of classic gaming. The innate addiction coded within the circuit board-powered arcade cabinets and NES cartridges render them precious artifacts, their primitive graphics and relative brevity revered even today. But why is that the…

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