Farewell Sony | Featured Image

Farewell Sony! I’m Loyal to the Experience, Not the Platform.

Benny Carrillo bids adieu to Sony following sweeping changes to the company’s censorship policies   My first PlayStation system was one of the large PS2’s that was given to me by a friend. While I no longer have that system, it was the start of my relationship with Sony’s…

Impressions: Death End re;Quest

How do you survive a buggy game that’s trying to kill you? Death end re;Quest was the real focus of Idea Factory International’s press event on Thursday. If you read our prediction article, then you know I suspected that we’d get a release date for this game. And indeed,…
aged games

Sleeping With The Enemy: Accepting Aged Games

How, exactly, should we respect our past? It’s finally over: after a month-and-a-half playthrough in my first jaunt through Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth has been slain. I pump my fist in the air and watch as the final FMVs ensue: aged CGI models of Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and…
grinch smash bros

How The Grinch Stole Smash Bros.

Has The Grinch hoodwinked Smashville? Leaks for upcoming Super Smash Bros. games are nothing new — we’ve witnessed everything from video footage, promotional slip-ups, and insider scoops — but far more common are the bogus pictures, videos and “leaks” throughout the series’ 19-year history. With these games host to intense,…
kirby star allies

Sleeping With The Enemy: Embracing Disappointment (Kirby Star Allies)

Is a letdown truly final?   How often have we struggled with our feelings in expressing game criticism? Does our nitpicking a new game mean we do so out of love, or us gradually coming to terms with a game not living up to expectations? How do we deal…

The Trinkets and Kinship of Shenmue

“Maybe I Should Get Another” I have always had a thing for little trinkets. Back when I had to work in an office, my desk accommodated a Lego character here, a Marvel miniature there, an overall undeniable youthful spirit everywhere. My desk at home is a similar fixture, except…

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