Valve Has a Problem with MangaGamer | Featured

Valve Has a Problem with MangaGamer

What could Valve have against an all-ages yuri visual novel about learning to communicate? And why do they keep targeting MangaGamer?     DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the following article contains a potentially NSFW image of two girls bathing.  Visual novels have always been an easily misunderstood genre…
Microsoft Media Briefing | Featured Image

E3 2019: Five Takeaways from Microsoft’s Media Briefing

Microsoft’s annual E3 Media Briefing has come and gone. So, what stuck out in resident niche gamer Benny’s mind? You know, besides all the trailers. The annual media briefings that kick off E3 are something I look forward to each year. Watching them is a great way to get…

5 Lesser Known Arcade Beat ‘Em Ups That Are Worth Your Precious Quarters

These five obscure arcade beat ’em ups are worth cracking open your piggy bank for     When it comes to arcade beat ’em ups, classics like Final Fight, Double Dragon, and Golden Axe always seem to get all the love. However, these legendary games are just the tip…
dragon buster

8-Bit Chronicles: Dragon Buster

Does Namco’s 80’s dungeon-crawler hold up? Well…yes and no. Bleeps, bloops, and pixels: the cornerstones of classic gaming. The innate addiction coded within the circuit board-powered arcade cabinets and NES cartridges render them precious artifacts, their primitive graphics and relative brevity revered even today. But why is that the…

While You’re Waiting For Cyberpunk 2077

Learn more about the roots of Cyberpunk 2077 by looking back to the hit 1988 RPG title, Cyberpunk 2020!       My name’s Burtacamoose, and I’m a Cyberpunk fan.   Like many of you, I’m looking forward to diving into Cyberpunk 2077. For me, however, it goes a…

Five Companies That Should Buy Nippon Ichi Software

With its finances in peril, the Netherworld might just be up for sale soon. So, who might be interested in purchasing the developer of Disgaea?  Over the weekend, troubling reports of NIS America’s Japanese parent company, Nippon Ichi Software, not being able to pay its employees surfaced. Sure, NIS America…

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