No Longer Home Review

No Longer Home’s Dev Team Talk Hellos, Goodbyes, and Everything Afterwards

Parting is such sweet sorrow… When No Longer Home first released on PC in June of 2021 and on Nintendo Switch that same October, the lucky reviewers (myself included in that category) were definitely in their feelings about it. A short and bittersweet story about closing a chapter in…

Talking Terror With Fatal Frame Creators Keisuke Kikuchi And Makoto Shibata

Fatal Frame Producer Keisuke Kikuchi and Director Makoto Shibata Join Us To Talk About Remastering Terror, The Series’ Legacy, And Their Own Encounters With The Supernatural   With the upcoming release of Koei Tecmo’s remaster of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water just around the corner, we at Hey…

Increased Accessibility Options Open Doors For More Players

Letting Players Play Their Games You finally work your way to the end of a level, having mastered the skills needed to conquer it. A lone boss blocks your path to the next area, the next level, the next save point. You ready yourself as it comes at you,…
cloudie mcdoom

Director and Cosplayer Cloudie McDoom Talks Final Fantasy, Sephithot, and More

Get to know Cloudie McDoom and his captivating cast of characters  With pair of swim trunks, a tousled brown wig, and the power of God and anime on his side, Cloudie McDoom stands tall as Sora, hopefully anticipating his next foe. A burst of energy spontaneously appears, and Sephiroth…

Interview: Marlowe Dobbe, Art Director of Floppy Knights

HPP Interviews the Talented Director Behind Floppy Knights As a fan of indies, I’ve been friendly with Rose City Games for a while. They have some great games coming down the pipe, including the crazy twin-stick Cat Lady and the SRPG Floppy Knights. So when the opportunity presented itself…

Last Labyrinth: Interview With Director & Producer Hiromichi Takahashi

Hiromichi Takahashi guides our rickety wheelchair through the horrors that await in his nightmarish VR escape room, Last Labyrinth.

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