Interview: Marlowe Dobbe, Art Director of Floppy Knights

HPP Interviews the Talented Director Behind Floppy Knights As a fan of indies, I’ve been friendly with Rose City Games for a while. They have some great games coming down the pipe, including the crazy twin-stick Cat Lady and the SRPG Floppy Knights. So when the opportunity presented itself…

Last Labyrinth: Interview With Director & Producer Hiromichi Takahashi

Hiromichi Takahashi guides our rickety wheelchair through the horrors that await in his nightmarish VR escape room, Last Labyrinth.
Stellar Warfare Steam

Interview: Stellar Warfare Creator Thomas van den Essenburg

Tense Games talks about their classic space RTS in the making Fans of Homeworld and Red Alert, rejoice! There’s a game coming around the corner that takes elements from both to create a new engaging, energizing, and enjoyable space RTS experience. Called Stellar Warfare, the title aims to offer…

INTERVIEW: Bokuten ~ How I Became an Angel’s Removal and Return to Steam

The recent events regarding Bokuten ~ Why I Became an Angel’s removal, and then reinstatement to the Steam storefront has probably left you as confused as many of us. Thankfully, MangaGamer is willing to shed some light on this strange saga.   For fans of visual novels, the events…
Devolver Direct 2020

Let Them Eat Hype: Lacey Hannan Talks Linda Masters, Devolver Direct 2020, and More

#CheckALook behind the scenes with leading ladyboss Lacey Hannan Earlier this month, Devolver Digital proved yet again that their marketing campaigns are absolutely god-tier, galaxy-brain experiences. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and watch 2020’s Devolver Direct, or, hey, maybe watch it again for a refresher if…
mortal kombat cosplay

Absolute Fire ‘Mortal Prombat’ Cosplay Will Make You Say Toasty!

That roundhouse kick in heels is a flawless victory! The hottest accessory of 2020 has definitely been the face mask. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re on the tips of everyone’s noses — or, in the very least, on the tips of everyone’s tongues. Plenty of memes have been…

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