Sniper Elite 4 Review

Sniper Elite 4 is an excellent stealth-action title that hits its mark. When it comes to shooters, I’ve always found the role of sniper to be my go-to class…

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Review

Unlike Griffith, this game did nothing wrong Despite the massive critical acclaim and generous fan support, the now over 27 year-old Berserk manga has only had two video game…
Princess Maker

Princess Maker Refine Review

When it comes to Princess Maker games, the first is the worst. When the “Refine” edition of Princess Maker 2 came out last October, it inspired a lot of…
Typoman title

Typoman: Revised Review

A game that certainly has a way with words. After more than three decades as a gamer, I’m a little bit cynical about games and the current state of…
Neo ATLAS 1469

Neo ATLAS 1469 Review

A Boat Gone From Dowdy To Derelict Folks, this one’s gonna be hard for me. Thing is, the job of a reviewer is to tell you whether you should…
header 2

Flywrench Review

What is a Flywrench anyway? I’m not going to lie to you or myself. I had to play Flywrench on the easy difficulty in order to save what sanity…

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