Pixzilla Preview

I’m the baaaaaaaaaad guy (duh) The world of mobile gaming is an interesting one. Mobile games are so hit or miss, and since few outlets really cover mobile games, it’s hard to pick out the rare gems without downloading them yourself, investing time, money, and energy at the risk…
dr. mario world

Dr. Mario World Review (Mobile)

Malpractice? Not quite… Before I embark on any finger-wagging spiels on predatory micro-transactions, let us make one thing clear: as seen below, I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Mario World enough to grant it a 4/5 rating. In its ambitions to court veterans and newcomers alike, Dr. Mario’s latest concoction successfully…
nippon ichi

Nippon Ichi, Disgaea Developer, Faces Massive Financial Crisis

Not good, dood.    Bad news, Disgaea fans: developer Nippon Ichi’s making so little money that they can’t even pay their own employees. According to Japanese outlets cited by DualShockers, the catastrophic failures surrounding the mobile game Disgaea RPG have forced Nippon Ichi to file a Moving Strike warrant, which covers…

Epic Games Launches Fortnite Season 9

Fortnite Season 9 Available Across Platforms   Epic Games have brought Fortnite back into our lives once again with the release of Season 9, available now for gamers of all consoles. New features of Season 9 include changes to the Battle Royale Map, bringing in a new Slipstream wind…

Era of Celestials Reveals New Upgrades

Own Legions Made Possible for Era of Celestials Players YOOZOO games have announced a new update to their popular game Era of Celestials. The update follows the games Strongest Vanquisher tournament that took place last month. The new update, titled Elysian Sanctuary, will add new features to the game…
prince harry fortnite

Prince Harry Wants Fortnite Banned in England

The Fortnite controversy continues Fornite‘s infamous addiction has spurred no shortage of controversy, and its latest adversary is one you’d hardly expect: Prince Harry of England. As reported by Variety, the British prince spoke to mental health professionals during a West London YMCA and elaborated about the dangers of…

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