HPP Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download for 5/26/22

Order From Chaos   Well folks, it’s time for the last Nintendo Download of May, the Nintendo Download for 5/26/22. This one is a bit more interesting than last week’s. Also different from last week is the fact I’m not crippled by a head cold anymore, so hopefully this…
HPP Download Variant 2

Nintendo Download for 5/19/22

Taking It In Stride   Well folks, I’m amazed I’m writing this at all today. I’m fighting a nasty head cold and a fever, but I also didn’t want to leave anybody in the lurch. Thankfully, today’s Nintendo Download for 5/19/22 is mercifully short and sweet, with only a…
HPP Download Variant 1

Nintendo Download for 5/12/22

Nintendo Download: Extra Booty Edition   Last week I complained about how that Nintendo Download was a bit lacking in content. But like usual, the Nintendo Download after any sort of Nintendo presentation is always fantastic. And since the Nintendo Download for 5/12/22 happened after the Indie World Showcase,…
HPP Download | Variant 3

Nintendo Download for 5/5/22

Nintendo Download: Super Tiny Edition   Well folks, I wish I could say the first Nintendo Download of May is an epic one. But the truth is, the Nintendo Download for 5/5/22 is a bit anemic. There’s only one featured title, plus the usual goodies. And just to be…

Mighty Goose Gets One Last Epic Day at the Beach

Storm the Beaches in the Free Mighty Goose DLC   It shouldn’t be a surprise by now that I’m a fan of Mighty Goose. After all, I reviewed the game, and overall found it highly enjoyable. And while we’ve know for a while it was getting one batch of…

My First Date With Playdate

Let’s Get Cranking I’ve never experienced a system launch quite like the Playdate’s. There really hasn’t ever been one. I received my Playdate within the first week the systems were shipping out, but even now, wave one hasn’t completed arriving at eager early-adopters’ doorsteps. A recent check seems like…

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