Visit Tsushima

41 Things to See When You Visit Tsushima, Japan

Visit Tsushima, Japan in Real Life! What would you do if you could visit Tsushima? Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima has recently been making waves in the world of gaming with its massive success. So much so, that a movie based on the game is now officially in the…
zelda monster balls

Zelda: Fried Bananas and Monster Rice Balls | Friday Night Bytes

Everything is Better Fried Good evening, and welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Night Bytes! Thanks to work and school, I really had to work to squeeze this one in, so apologies that it’s a bit shorter than usual. I’m still steadily making my way through The Unofficial…

Nintendo Download for 4/8/21

Prepare For Adventure!   Well guys, it’s time for another Nintendo Download. Specifically, the Nintendo Download for 4/8/21. This one is pretty packed. It includes several featured titles, a publisher sale, Game Guide sales and the usual digital fun. Let’s start with a handful of featured titles coming to…

Nintendo Download for 4/1/21

No Tricks, I Promise…   Well guys, you know what day it is. The Nintendo Download for 4/1/21, AKA the April Fools Nintendo Download. But I promise no tricks in this feature. Pinky swear! That said, you can expect the usual goodies this week, including a ton of space-themed…
zelda crepes

Zelda: Holy Crepe! | Friday Night Bytes

Crepes, Crepes, Crepes!  Hello, and welcome to another week of Friday Night Bytes! Each week I take some video game-inspired recipes and try to recreate them to the best of my (limited) abilities. While my food is rarely pretty, it’s usually tasty, so that’s got to count for something,…

Nintendo Download for 3/25/21

Lights, Camera, Action!   Well folks, you know what day it is. Which means it’s time for the Nintendo Download for 3/25/21! This Nintendo Download has a bunch of promising featured titles, plus some events, the typical sales and digital fare. So get comfortable and open up your wallets,…

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