Hey Poor Player’s Disaster Report 4 Guide

Let Us Guide You Through The Concrete Jungle To Safety With This Disaster Report 4 Guide.   Granzella and NIS America’s Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories is a wildly weird and often chaotic game. However, sometimes it’s not just the building tumbling to the pavement below that makes things…

Hozuki Airport (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Hozuki Airport Walkthrough   This is it, the final chapter. Are you ready to finally wrap things up and get out of this crazy city? When you disembark the truck, you’ll discover this was never a rescue operation at all. You and your friends have been duped by a…

8-Bit Chronicles: Pac-Land

Are you a good friend of Pac-Man in the Pac-Land? Bleeps, bloops, and pixels: the cornerstones of classic gaming. The innate addiction coded within the circuit board-powered arcade cabinets and NES cartridges render them precious artifacts, their primitive graphics and relative brevity revered even today. But why is that…

Garbera Bridge Rest Area (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Garbera Bridge Rest Area Walkthrough Now that you’ve got your bike, the rest area is a straight shot down the road. Continue down the highway and get off the motorcycle at the rest stop. Before you head to the middle of the parking lot to set off for the…

Ajisai Crossing 3rd Visit (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Ajisai Crossing 3rd Visit Walkthrough   Once you get to Ajisai Crossing, make your way to the car dealership where the manager will give you a message from Yayoi, who just left the area. After reading the message, you discover Yayoi already knows about the planes and helicopters departing…

Asagao Crossing 3rd Visit (Disaster Report 4 Guide)

Asagao Crossing 3rd Visit Walkthrough Well, this was bound to happen. After entering Asagao Crossing for the third time, the first thing you should do is head to the convenience store. When you arrive, Ms. Higa and Eri will be thanking the manager for helping them as they prepare…

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