Coffee Talk Drinks Guide

Can I see the menu, please? “If you understand the absolute joy that comes from sipping your favorite brew in a coffee shop window, listening to lo fi beats as you watch city lights twinkle while rain lightly falls from the heavens, you will immediately understand Coffee Talk. Perhaps…
LUNA the Shadow Dust walkthrough

LUNA The Shadow Dust Walkthrough

May this guide light your way through the shadows “LUNA The Shadow Dust revolves around a young boy, his loyal companion, and a mysterious tower, which unfolds over time as the duo uncover its secrets. By working together, the pair crawl through vents, unlock doors, compose music, dance with shadows,…

10 Of Gaming’s Best Collectibles

Gotta Collect Em’ All!   Ever since baseball cards and bubblegum, capitalism has exploited our baser human need to complete sets of similar thingies. Videogames have been no exception to the rule that items of like shape and form must be acquired and stored together for later viewing and…

Space Invaders Have Taken Over Paris; Here’s 15 of Our Favorites

Close encounters of the pixelated kind! Ah Paris, France…. a city that’s eternally associated with romance, culture, and art. Known as the City of Light (‘La Ville Lumière’) for its leading role during the European Age of Enlightenment, Paris is famous for its resplendent beauty, with dazzling architecture, famous…
best 25 nintendo games of the decade

The 25 Best Nintendo Games of the Decade (2010-2019)

Did your favorite Big N game make the list? From Wii and DS’s twilight years to the unstoppable success of Switch. The little handheld that could in 3DS to undeniable flops in Wii U. Nintendo’s ups and downs this past decade are a testament to their enduring legacy —…
gris undertale

What Playing Through My Backlog As My 2019 New Year’s Resolution Taught Me About Happiness

The Four Noble Truths learned through gaming in 2019 “I’m going to play more video games this year.” I remember the look on my husband’s face when I told him my New Year’s Resolution for 2019: confusion. “You mean, more than you already do?” He had asked, puzzled. I…

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