Second Opinion: Battlefront 2015 Is A Disgrace To Multiplayer Shooters

This one could’ve used a few more disintegrations. This is not a series about games you haven’t heard of.  This is a series about games EVERYONE has heard of. …

Under The Radar: Virginia

Is it a game? Under The Radar is a series looking at those titles that we missed with a new take.   A Walking Simulator?   Is ‘walking simulator’ a derogatory…
Mass Effect Romances

The Top Five Original Trilogy Mass Effect Romances

It’s better to have loved and lost, than to restart a forty hour save file… When it comes to epic space operas, romance may not be the first topic on…

Interview with Dan & Greg from Console Wars

Round 1, Fight!   Fanboyism is a word that gets tossed around often nowadays. Comment sections are filled with “Xbox Sucks” and “PlayStation Blows” without any real context to…

Second Opinion: Dante’s Inferno Deserved Better

“This way a good soul never passes.” The year is 2010. In the past half-decade we’ve had four God of War games and, because of the popularity of the…

Top 10 Toughest NES Game Bosses

No controllers were harmed during the making of this feature I’ve been hearing it more and more the last few years.  “The Dark Souls games are the equivalent of…

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