5 characters

5 Game Characters We Saw Ourselves In

Sometimes when you stare into the polygons, the polygons stare back. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had a point in time where a fictional character has caused us to stop, think, and go “oh yeah. That’s me, kind of.” It happens in film, TV, books,…

Top 10 Nazi-Punching Games That Will Earn You Your Scalps

Achtung! Nazis are one of the greatest threats to society in recent years, so let’s write a list you will Nazi coming. “Part of the attraction of the hero is their apparently clear and distinct outlook on what constitutes normality for humanity. It is this that allows them to…
HD Remaster

How Do We Determine When HD Remasters are “Worth It?”

The devil is in the PS2-blurred details. With today’s news of a new Okami HD remaster making its way to Playstation 4 and Xbox One soon, the question today has been in the air just as much as ever. It’s one with an answer that has changed as console cycles have…

Second Opinion Spotlight: You Should Play “Pathologic”

“Doctor” I Coleman prescribes his audience two tablets of deadly Sand Plague Second Opinion is not a show about games you haven’t heard of. Except when it is. These are the games whose first opinion declared them “Dead on Arrival.” These are the games in need of a Second…

Atlus is Milking Persona for Every Last Drop, and That is Fantastic

Atlus just announced not one, not two, but three Persona spin-offs.   It’s no secret that Persona fans can be… divided. There are endless debates over which game reigns supreme, even within Hey, Poor Player (for reference, I respectfully disagree with this article at almost every level). And with…

Top 10 Final Fantasy Villains

The cast of Final Fantasy villains range from the sympathetic, to the uproariously camp, to the downright evil. Here are ten of the best!

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