Nintendo Download for 9/9/21

Nintendo Download – Wario Edition!   It’s time for the greedy Wario installment of the Nintendo Download for 9/9/21! With everyone’s favorite doppleganger on the horizon, you can bet there’s some fun games this week. Not only does this Nintendo Download include several featured titles, it also has the…

ICYMI Gaming 1 – Spinch & Super Punch Patrol

So Many Games, So Little Time…   There’s a special irony that this segment about games I couldn’t find time to play when they originally released got pushed back several months itself. I originally had the idea for ICYMI Gaming (In Case You Missed It) back in December of…

21 Gaming Images That Will Take Your Blood Pressure to the Next Level does not take responsibility for any heart attacks Today I woke up and chose violence. Video game violence. These images are meant to cause pain. To make you relive certain traumas. To force you to suffer. So… enjoy!     1. We held our breath until the disc…

Nintendo Download for 9/2/21

Don’t Change That Nintendo Download Channel!   The Nintendo Download for 9/2/21 is a bit mixed. Though there’s technically not a ton of new featured content, there’s still a good amount to enjoy. Besides the usual fare, there’s a couple publisher sales to enjoy. And there’s also a bunch…

Ten More Long Dead Series In Need Of New Life

We’d Love To See New Life For These Games Last week, we brought you a list of ten gaming franchises long gone which could really use a revival. We appreciated all your enthusiasm and the suggestions fans made for other series which could be featured. While not every series…

Nintendo Download for 8/26/21

All Aboard the Crazy Bus!   It’s fitting this last Nintendo Download of August comes out a day before August 27th. Since a certain assassin otaku gets his third, and perhaps final, game tomorrow! But that’s not all. The Nintendo Download for 8/26/21 also has a bunch of other…

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