Clea 2 Review (Switch)

Every Bit as Good as the Last     Last year I was given the opportunity to sit down and play through the horror game Clea. It was a simple game (mechanically speaking) with an intriguing story that promised to do something that most others within its genre don’t—to…
psone classics

PSOne Classics Buyer’s Guide — PS3/PSP Store Apocalypse Edition

Pick these PSOne Classics up before they’re gone! Since 2006, the healthy library of PlayStation 3’s online store offered everything from digital-only ventures to emulated Golden Oldies; namely, PSOne Classics: emulated offerings of PlayStation games. From Metal Gear Solid to Jet Moto, these relics are the genuine 1:1 emulation…

ALTDEUS Brings Epic Mecha Battles to PSVR

Fight to the Surface in ALTDEUS   One of the things I miss most about attending conventions in person is demoing VR games. I don’t have a setup to do so in the comfort of my home, and there’s just something extra exciting about diving into VR at a…

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Preview (PC)

It’s Siege Survival, But it’s Not Very Glorious…     In these dire times we often feel the need for some blissful escapism from the cruel realities of life, and Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is a game that absolutely does… not provide this. It starts with a cutscene of…

Lost Ruins Gets PC Release Date and Trailer

Reclaim Your Memories as You Fight for Survival   As someone that’s always on the lookout for promising indies, today’s news from DANGEN and Altari Games has me intrigued. At first blush, I thought it was another title from Bombservice, the folks behind Momodora and Minoria. But turns out,…

Nintendo Download for 4/15/21

A Downpour of Gaming Courtesy of Nintendo Download   This is another one of those special Downloads – one that happens after a big showcase. Specifically, this one occurs after yesterday’s packed Indie World Showcase. This Nintendo Download for 4/15/21 is as busy as yesterday was. Better yet, it…

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