Layers of Fear 2 Review (PC)

Layers too Scary to Peel Away     For many years I’ve wondered what horror games could match the mind-warping terror of the Amnesia titles. Many of the horror titles I’ve reviewed more recently seemed to make frustratingly fundamental errors in creating good scares, from tiresomely meandering gameplay to…

Citizens of Space Review (PS4)

Outta this World     Oh, Citizens of Space… where do I even begin with this game? As a spiritual successor to Citizens of Earth, the bar was already set fairly high for it — both in terms of writing and gameplay — and there’s no denying the very real possibility that…

Super Neptunia RPG Review (Switch)

Falling Just A Little Flat     I’m going to preface this review by making something clear. I like the Neptunia franchise. I’ve been a fan of the series for a good few years now which, while that amount of time might not break any records, puts me in a comfortable…
yves cadence of hyrule guide

How to Unlock Yves (Cadence of Hyrule Guide)

Finally, another playable Deku Scrub! It’s true: an unlockable Deku Scrub awaits you in Cadence of Hyrule! Remember that adventure-seeking Deku Scrub sulking about in Tingle’s Lost Woods abode? That’s the one: despite his natural impediments, Yves can finally carry out his dreams so long as you have enough…

Free Music Pack Added to Synth Riders

Five New Songs Added for Synth Riders Dancers Kluge Interactive has announced today the addition of a new music pack to their successful early access project Synth Riders. Synth Riders is a VR 80’s inspired rhythm game, available on Steam. The new pack will add five new songs to…

Muse Dash Now Available On Steam and Switch

Indie Rhythm Game Muse Dash Available for Steam and Switch Indie developers, X. D. Network’s new project Mush Dash will be available from today on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Muse Dash is a 2-button control action rhythm game, including over ninety songs in a variety of different genres, with…

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