triforce alarm clock

Paladone’s The Legend of Zelda Triforce Alarm Clock Features a Nostalgic Wake-Up Call

Takes you back to 1992! Looking for another treasured artifact to line up your Zelda-inspired decor? Paladone’s latest game-inspired product will likely fit your criteria: a Triforce alarm clock! Based on the holy relic from The Legend of Zelda, this USB-powered clock plays a familiar tune any Zelda fan…
Death end re;Quest | Featured

Death End re;Quest Review (PS4)

Is Compile Heart’s Latest Game a Programmer’s Delight? or Is It a Bug-Infested Nightmare?     Death end re;Quest is a game I’ve had mixed feelings about. While Compile Heart can indeed be a creative company, they also tend to be very formulaic. Thus, as I learned more and…
detective pikachu merch

Detective Pikachu Merch/Pokémon Trading Cards Revealed

Need something to tide you over for May 10’s Detective Pikachu movie? These new pics of upcoming merch may keep you occupied — as displayed within New York’s American International Toy Fair, The Pokémon Company has shared several tie-in trinkets for the new movie, be it mascot hats, coffee…
tetris nes

Tetris NES “Kill Screen” Bypassed; Level 33 Reached

Too cool! Thought The Legend of Zelda‘s newly-discovered Minus World was cool? Well, okay, that’s probably a bigger find than this, but this NES Tetris achievement was only possible through one mega-fan’s hard-earned dedication. For those not familiar with this version, Level 29 has long been designated as a…

Record of Agarest War: Mariage Review (PC)

Maidens, Monsters, Magic, and Marriage? Don’t threaten me with a good time!     Record of Agarest War, the strategic role-playing series with dating sim elements. It seems like it has been quite a while since we have gotten a game from this series, in the US. It has…

Rainswept Review (PC)

Crime, Chain-Smoking and Small Town Comfort     Maybe I’ve missed something major over the course of my life, but I wanted to ask where the brooding detective in the beige trench coat comes from? Has it always been the standard uniform, or did one guy start it and…

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