intellivision amico

First Look at Intellivision Amico

Out on 10/10/2020! Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live fame is dead-set on bringing back Mattel’s Intellivision, and he fully unveiled his company’s re-imagining of the retro console today at Portland Retro Game Expo. According to DualShockers’ report, the Intellivision Amico will marry modern and classic tech in its…

Bring The Arcade Home With The RepliCade X Centipede Mini Cabinet

New Wave Toys brings Atari’s game of insectoid extermination home with the RepliCade X Centipede, no quarters required   Mini arcade cabinets have been all the rage lately. With companies like SNK, Arcade1Up, and My Arcade focusing on bringing the coin-op experience to player’s fingertips in a compact package,…

New Sega Genesis Platformer Tanglewood Now Available

PC-bound platformer fans can also download Tanglewood on Steam today   It’s not every day Sega Genesis owners have a new game to play on their trusty 16-bit consoles. Thankfully, today is an exception, as UK-based indie dev Big Evil Corporation has released their debut game, Tanglewood, on the Sega…

The C64 Mini Is Coming To the North America This Fall

Includes 64 built-in games, full BASIC functionality Following its recent release in the UK, the Commodore 64 Mini will be making its way to North America this Fall, the machine’s producers Retro Games and Solutions 2 Go have announced. Set release on October 9, 2018, the micro-console, which emulates…

Virtua Tennis 2: The Quintessential Wimbledon Experience

Experience the most relevant nearly 20-year-old tennis sim Wimbledon 2018 is over. For two weeks of every English summer, come rain or shine, everyone in England becomes a tennis fan. After all, Wimbledon is so quintessentially English. Throw in the nation’s fondness for queuing, along with strawberries and cream,…
street fighter usb drives

Capcom To Release Street Fighter K.O. USB Drives

Go home and be a, uh, electronic device man. While currently only scheduled for release in Japan, these new Street Fighter USB drives should tickle any Street Fighter fan’s fancy. Planned to launch mid-June, these fighter-mounted drives surely recall bitter memories of 16-bit defeat, emulating the fallen poses of…

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