Socket Retro Review

It’s Electric!   The year is 1993. Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog 2 has been enjoyed by millions of gamers around the world and talk of a third installment is on the tip of every major gaming publication’s tongue. Genesis owners who’ve completed Sonic 2 are longingly staring at their…

SNES Classic Mini Available At JB Hifi

G’day, mates! I’m the SNES Classic Mini! Throw some retro games on the barbie!   The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition is now available to pre-order now from Australian and New Zealand retailer JB Hi-Fi. Fortunately for those of us not from the land of cork hats and…

Pre-Orders Are Open For AtGames Atari 2600 And Sega Genesis Flashback Consoles

Get first dibs on the upcoming Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis Flashback consoles starting today AtGames today announced that those hoping to get their mitts on their upcoming line of Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis Flashback consoles can now pre-order theirs from a number of major retailers. Both consoles will…

Girls Gone Grainy – Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition Release Date Announced

25 years later, Night Trap offers more fun than you can shake a senate hearing at Publisher Limited Run Games today announced that preorders  for Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition will be opening on August 11, 2017. The game will be made available in two waves, with the first wave kicking…

Mighty Final Fight Retro Review

Mighty Final Fight is a mighty fine beat-’em-up   Capcom’s Final Fight is a series that needs no introduction. While there were other beat ‘em ups that came before it, Cody, Guy, and musclebound Mayor Mike Haggar’s battle against the evil Mad Gear Gang is one that defined a…

Interview with YouTuber RGT 85 (Shawn Long)

Let’s Have a Chat with YouTuber RGT 85   For this month’s interview we at Hey Poor Player have reached out to a YouTuber that has gained an amazingly large fan base within the last year. With a steady stream of content that covers a wide range of retro…

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