OVIVO title

OVIVO Review

The shapes of things to come. Artistic puzzle-platformers have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. And why not? Games are indeed an artform, like poetry, painting, theater, music, and cinema before them. Sadly, for every truly artistic endeavor, there’s always an entire army of cheap imitators and…
SEUM title

SEUM: Speedrunners From Hell Review

The road to Hell is paved with failed speedruns. First-person. Platformer. Those two terms together invoke a river of reaction, some good and some bad. It’s always a little bit difficult to accomplish precision platforming from a first-person perspective. But what if a game based itself on that very…
Crimson Metal title


Beware of heavy metals. First-person shooters have kind of gone full circle. We reached a peak with the explicit attention to detail of the Far Cry series and the realistic mechanisms employed by the ARMA brand. In response, developers have reverted to simpler shooter tropes, more arcade-like gameplay, and deliberately outdated visuals.…

Mega Man 3 Retro Review

Magnetic, Sparky, Hard, And Top-notch, If Also In 2’s Shadow     With the unexpected runaway success of pet project Mega Man 2 behind them, Capcom and Team Rockman went all in on Mega Man 3, throwing more money at the project with the hopes of capitalizing on their…

Karma. Incarnation 1 Review

An amusing and artistic adventure, but one cycle was enough I’m sure that most of you out there who have been playing video games for a while have heard someone say something along the lines of “video games are art”. While that phrase can have some semblance of an actual…
Perception Review

Perception Review

The Most Ironically Named Game I’ve Played To Date I’m not really sure what’s going on in video games these days. I certainly commend and applaud representation in media. In fact, video games are one of the places where we really need this the most. However, not everything works…

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