The Forest Quartet Review (PS5)

While The Forest Quartet is a pretty short song, it comes across well with simple but solid mechanics, heartfelt story, and a truly soulful jazz soundtrack.

The Rumble Fish 2 Review (PS5)

The Rumble Fish 2 Review: An Unexpected Treat We live in a remarkable time for having access to classic games. Every few months, it feels like another lost classic or a title that never left Japan is releasing here in the US, available to a whole new audience who…

Front Mission 1st: Remake Review (Switch)

Front Mission 1st: Remake Review: What Is A Remake? The lines between a remake and a remaster can often be hard to define. A true remaster generally only has its existing visuals tweaked, with improved resolution being the most common improvement. Other than that, you’re usually still playing the…

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Review (PS5)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Review: My Honor, My Dreams…   The price of freedom is indeed steep when it comes to retelling the story of Zack Fair on more platforms than one. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was released only on the PlayStation Portable back in 2007,…
kukoos lost pets

Kukoos: Lost Pets Review (PS4)

Kukoos: Lost Pets Review: Fall Guys x LittleBigPlanet A long, long time ago (or recent, idk), in a galaxy far, far away (or next door, who knows?)… there is a world almost completely covered in one giant ocean. It’s a waterworld rich in aquatic diversity, teeming with life under…
shadows over loathing

Shadows Over Loathing Review (PC)

 Shadows Over Loathing Review: Laugh out Lovecraft Mail call! It’s a letter from your estranged strange uncle. Did you know you had an uncle? Oh, you did? Right. Well. It’s a letter from him asking you to come to his antiques shop all the way in Ocean City, which…

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