kili's treasure

Kili’s Treasure Review (PC)

It is better to have loved and lost… When I was a little girl, my cat Micheal helped me and my family get through some hard times. He was there for the four of us — my mom, my two sisters, and me — throughout my parents’ divorce, caring…

CrossCode Review (Switch)

More Like Great-Keeping     I’m sure that most of us are familiar with the concept of gatekeeping as it applies to the world of video games. We’ve all had expenses where someone’s told you that you’re not worthy of truly enjoying a game because you don’t know enough about…

Catherine: Full Body Review (Switch)

Love is NOT dead Catherine is still, to this day, my favorite PS3 game. Few games reach the level of greatness the original Catherine achieved. It had everything — solid storytelling, fantastic music, superb voice acting, two great art styles, a legitimately fun core mechanic, a plethora of extra…

Ultracore Review (Switch)

Cracking Open A Bullet-Riddled Time Capsule   Ultracore’s story is one 25 years in the making. Originally slated to release on the Genesis, Sega CD, and Commodore Amiga in 1994 under the name Hardcore, the game is a run-and-gun shooter from Stockholm-based studio Digital Illusions (now known as DICE)…

Alwa’s Legacy Review (PC)

Finding Yourself is Never Easy     Games like Alwa’s Legacy have always been ones that I’ve appreciated. Finding a Metroidvania nowadays (or ever, really) isn’t easy, and finding a good Metroidvania is even less so. While I love going back to the classics that gave the genre its name in…

Summer In Mara Review (PC)

Summer, Summer, Summertime! Time to Craft Stuff and Unwind!     Ah, the summers of one’s youth! Who could resist the innocent nostalgia of running through grassy fields, collecting seashells on sandy beaches and selling farm produce to giant fish creatures. Summer in Mara is a crafting game about…

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