Fate/Extella Link Review (PS4)

Over the Moon (Cell)     I remember being impressed with Fate/Extella Link all the way back at last year’s E3, when I had the chance to demo it. What I played felt like a proper sequel, while also managing to avoid being a simple copy/paste of its predecessors. My time…

Yakuza Kiwami Review (PC)

If You’ve Played Before, Read This First     OK, for the sake of brevity, let’s get the important bits out of the way. If you’ve clicked on this review, you’ve likely played Yakuza in its original format on the PS2 or the Yakuza Kiwami remake on the PS4. If…
Revulsion title

Revulsion Review (PC)

The best rootin’, tootin’, and lootin’ voxel FPS yet. Mixing up genres is a bit of a hit-or-miss undertaking. It may be argued that some gameplay styles are so fundamentally different from one another that they have no place being fused together. On the other hand, when mixing works,…

The Caligula Effect: Overdose Review (PS4)

µ-sic to my Ears   It’s safe to say that The Caligula Effect didn’t do so well when it originally released. Hot on the tail of Persona 5, and touting an overall clunky style of gameplay that wasn’t free of technical issues, The Caligula Effect came and went without raising much of a…

Astroneer Review (PC)

“That Astronaut Came From The MOON!” The term “casual gaming” often comes with negative connotations. Mostly it’s used as a pejorative to belittle a particular game for having a low skill ceiling, or one that doesn’t offer as much in-depth content as another game might. While both of these…

Dead or Alive 6 Review (PlayStation 4)

Dead or Alive 6 breathes new life into Team NINJA’s flashy fighting game franchise     It’s been nearly seven years since we last saw a proper numbered entry in Team NINJA’s Dead or Alive series. That’s not to say it’s gone entirely under the radar. Thanks to a…

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