Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition Review (Switch)

A Formula for Success     “Tonal whiplash” is a term that I’ve always viewed to be entirely negative. It’s never a good feeling to be caught in the middle of a gripping thriller, only for it to be turned into a slapstick comedy out of the blue. Nor…
Mars Horizon

Mars Horizon Review (PC)

Sitting in a tin can far above the world My favorite victory in Civilization was always the technological one, so you can imagine my excitement when I learned about Mars Horizon, a strategy game about the real world Space Race. Developed by Auroch Digital and published by Irregular Corporation,…

Black Desert: Prestige Edition Review (PS4)

A Great Head Start to an Even Better MMO Experience     I’ve been playing Black Desert: Prestige Edition for about the last two weeks, now. It’s been a whirlwind of an experience, and I can assure you that I’ve got plenty to talk about. However, I know that those of…
bridge constructor the walking dead

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Review (PC)

Who Needs a Crossbow When You Can Build a Bridge?   I discovered the Bridge Constructor series of games about a year ago. It happened when my brother-in-law first showed me the game during a stay for the holidays. Though it’s a genre of gaming that’s been around since…

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT- A New Power Awakens Part 2 Review (PS4)

The DRAGON BALL Saga Continues   I am absolutely a huge fan of the DRAGON BALL franchise. Honestly, it’s near impossible to find anyone who doesn’t know and love this long-standing fan favorite. When Bandai Namco released DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT in January of this year, I was completely…
Image showcasing the AtGames Legends Arcade Gamer home console.

Hardware Review: Legends Gamer Pro

Hey Poor Player goes hands on with AtGames' latest home and arcade console with their Legends Gamer Pro review.

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