Gensokyo Defenders Review (Switch)

Pretty Cool     The fast-and-frantic bullet hell action of the Touhou series is something that’s earned it quite a bit of respect from plenty of people – myself included. However, when it comes to Touhou spin-offs… maybe not so much. The past two Touhou-branded offshoots that I’ve reviewed…

Earth Defense Force 5 Review (PS4)

The Bug Hunt is Back and Bigger Than Ever!     Around 3 years ago, I reviewed Earth Defense Force 4.1 on PS4. The niche third-person shooter series from Sandlot and D3 Publisher has always had a great cult following for its B-movie setting, dialogue, and fun class-based shooting…

Sally Face Episode 4: The Trial Review (PC)

Never Too Much Sally Face I’ve been looking forward to writing this review for a long while now- since reviewing Episode Three in fact. I really wanted to explore more of this world and learn more about the characters. There are few games I’ve played that really compare to this.…

Ride 3 Review (PS4)

Born to be Bland   Motorbikes: loud, obnoxious, buzzing, vehicular banshees periodically screeching down the road outside my house. They’re like cars but with two wheels. They’re the source of endless hilarious ragdolling when crashing in Grand Theft Auto. They’re what the cast of Sons of Anarchy ride occasionally…


Child’s Play     I’ve reviewed enough point-and-clicks by now that my whole “I don’t play very many of these” schtick is probably beginning to wear its welcome. It’s not that I do play a lot of them – because I don’t – but, personal preferences be damned, one…

Azur Lane Review (Mobile)

Waifu Wars on the High Seas!   Mobile games are a sore spot for me. Mobile technology has increased to the point that modern phones and tablets are veritable powerhouses capable of running full console ports and emulating games almost as well as PC hardware. In the case of…

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