Figment Preview

It’s all in your head I’ve always been interested in Psychology. What we say, what we do, how we think — I find questions like that are so fun to look into . Because of that, it probably isn’t difficult to image that I was intrigued by Figment. A game that attempts…

Reaching for Petals Preview – If You Never Go Outside This Summer, Play This

Reaching for Petals Combines The Unknown With The All Too Familiar If you never go outside once this summer, the least you can do is play Reaching for Petals and pretend that you took a walk. Yes, there’s going to be a man yelling at you the whole time,…

Starsector Preview

Anything but “down-to-Earth” I can’t say that I was expecting too much from Starsector upon first booting it up. With the exception of the odd game here and there, I’ve never been one for space adventures. To be fair, I didn’t know a whole lot about the game beforehand. The…

Aven Colony Preview: Brave New Worlds

Mo’ space, mo’ problems Aven Colony is one of a type of game I’ve dealt with a few times in the last year. It’s a situation where something was almost certainly developed for the PC first, but was given the port to consoles for the sake of the pure, golden…
Planet Nomads Review

Planet Nomads Preview

If No Man’s Sky and Minecraft had a baby… We’re still all a little sore from No Man’s Sky – so much so, that any game that even remotely resembles the title is described as “it’s like No Man’s Sky, but better!”. The surprising amount of games that are…

Preview: Brawlhalla Beta Breaks Backs

Brawlhalla exists in a stream of updates; here’s what the game is like so far. Brawlhalla first found me back at PAX East this last year. The game struck me as a really cool idea, once I had a couple rounds under my belt. It’s like your typical Smash Bros.-type,…

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