unbeatable white label

UNBEATABLE [white label] Preview (PC)

Taking Beat’em Up to a Whole New Level I’m a simple woman — if I see anything that gives me Dreamcast vibes, I play it. It should go without saying that UNBEATABLE absolutely fits that bill, exuding Jet Set Radio energy, but it’s worth repeating until the…

Earth Defense Force: World Brothers Preview And Interview With Series Creator

“To Save Our Mother Earth From Any Alien Attack…”     Any fan of classic sci-fi b-movies will surely remember the flying saucers and giant ants  terrifying the hapless populace of Earth. The Earth Defense Force games took these classic sci-fi setpieces and infused them with some Japanese trappings,…

Boomerang X Preview

Boomerang X is a first-person arena shooter with an interesting twist. Read our early impressions at Hey Poor Player.

Quinterra Preview (PC)

A Fantasy Board Game Comes To Life     This Quinterra preview is for a strategy game developed and published by Sidereal Studio. I had high hopes for the game when I took it on this assignment. After all, I’m a fan of strategy games and deck-building games. Regardless,…

Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Preview (Switch)

Run and Jump to the Music   As a liberally minded gamer, Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield appealed to me almost instantaneously. Fast and stylish platfoming? Check. Fantastic music? Check. Representation for a POC developer? Check. So with all those out of the way, I pretty much knew I’d be trying…

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis Preview (PC)

It’s Siege Survival, But it’s Not Very Glorious…     In these dire times we often feel the need for some blissful escapism from the cruel realities of life, and Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is a game that absolutely does… not provide this. It starts with a cutscene of…

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