The playable heroes in Marvel’s Avengers: Hulk, Iron Man, and Kamala Khan.

Marvel’s Avengers Preview (PS4)

Yeah, We’re pretty pissed that Spider-Man is an Exclusive, Too From movies to television, to comics, and even its own theme park universe, just about everything Marvel has been delayed in 2020 due to the coronavirus. Yet even in these dark times, there’s still one hopeful Marvel title seeking…

Blightbound Preview (PC)

You gotta fight the blight, then party There are some games that, when I’ve played them for a little bit, I start feeling anxious about scoring — sometimes a game feels too rough, while others are clearly capable of a far greater glory but, for whatever reason, haven’t reached…
Windbound Steam

Windbound Preview (PC)

Bound to be a hit! The two hobbies that have been pushed to the forefront this year have easily been video games and exploring the great outdoors. With bars, clubs, and other venues/activities closed, there’s really little else to safely do. For those of us stuck in concrete jungles,…

Another Crusade Preview (PC)

Super Medieval Mario RPG, Anyone?     Do you remember Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo? Probably. I mean, it’s largely regarded as one of the best RPGs—if not one of the best games—that graced the system (and there are a lot of contenders). Now, you’d…

BadBee Preview (PC)

Shoo bee doo bee doo da day I’m not opposed to PC ports of mobile games on principle; as long as there’s a lot of love and effort put into them and they work well, then why not? Of course, I have yet to find one that I’ve fallen…

Ooblets Preview (PC)

If Pokemon, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing had a baby… I’ve been waiting for Ooblets to come out for years (I remember a time when it was called Moblets); so when it released on early access on July 15, I grabbed it from the Epic Games Store instantly. Currently…

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