gungrave vr

E3 Preview: GunGrave VR

Does it live up to our hopes and dreams? Well…   Having not any prior experience to GunGrave whatsoever, I can’t say I particularly found myself sympathizing with the negative reaction to GunGrave VR – yes, it’s soul-crushing when our favorite dead franchises are revived only for gimmicky mobile…

E3 Preview: Freedom Planet

A Seemingly Successful Switch Transition Out of all of the games that I demoed this year at E3, Freedom Planet was certainly the oldest. Originally released in 2014 (I fondly remember playing it on my Wii U back then), Freedom Planet brought quality, high-speed action platforming to players all around the world.…

E3 Preview: Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin

Do you have what it takes to farm rice? After my time with Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin in XSEED’s booth, I walked away uncertain of what I just played. Don’t get me wrong: Edelweiss’s 2D platformer/farming hybrid wasn’t without its charms, most notably in its core concept I…
jump force

E3 Preview: Jump Force

Best crossover ever? Let’s take a look.   When Namco-Bandai’s Jump Force — a crossover 3D fighter starring Weekly Shonen Jump manga characters — premiered at Microsoft’s E3 conference, it was reportedly advertised as “the most ambitious crossover ever made,” meant to celebrate 50 years of Japan’s most famous…
kingdom hearts 3 e3

E3 Preview: Kingdom Hearts III

To infinity and beyond. Before we begin detailing my experience with the much-anticipated Kingdom Hearts III, I feel it necessary to disclose this is the same demo previewed in last month’s Santa Monica press event; in other words, we once again dive into the new Toy Story world and…
smash bros ultimate e3

E3 Preview: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Truly an ultimate experience. My ten-minute experience with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate began in trepidation – I had been informed the day before by a Nintendo rep and my coworker Kenny we were only allowed time for two matches, but being the nervous wreck I am, I simply had…

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