Super Co Op Adventure

Super Co-op Adventure Preview

The grass is greener on the other server Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been stuck in a rut, trapped in a dull, monotonous lifestyle. You’ve heard rumors that there’s a better world out there, but you’ve never been brave enough to strike it out on your own……

Don’t Die, Minerva! Preview

Too cute to spook Christmas may be just around the corner, but Xaviant Games, developer and publisher of Don’t Die, Minerva! say it’s still spooky season. Haunting PC players on December 5, Don’t Die, Minerva! is a polished little rogue-lite and is definitely more than meets the eye. With procedurally-generated dungeons filled with…

Pixzilla Preview

I’m the baaaaaaaaaad guy (duh) The world of mobile gaming is an interesting one. Mobile games are so hit or miss, and since few outlets really cover mobile games, it’s hard to pick out the rare gems without downloading them yourself, investing time, money, and energy at the risk…
backbone steam

Backbone Preview

Zootopia Noire It’s not easy being a PI; sometimes a dame waltzes in and spins a yarn that seems straightforward, but ultimately takes you down a shadowy path. A path so dark, it needs two creams and two sugars before other folks can even consider drinking it. But Detective…

Sudoku Scramble Preview

Multiplayer Sudoku is here! I feel like it’s been a good 10 years since my obsession with all things Sudoku; Sudoku Mania for the DS was notably one of my very first Amazon purchases, and it got to a point where I’d create my own puzzles to solve weeks…

Test Tube Titans Preview

Create. Destroy. Repeat. Two years ago, I was the first person to preview Ghost Time Games’ delightful kaiju hit, Jettomero: Hero Of The Universe, so I really hope I’m continuing my streak here by being the first to preview the solo indie dev’s newest title, Test Tube Titans. Still in…

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