Gigapocalypse is a Chaotic Rampage-like

Lots of Rampage Energy in Gigapocalypse   As one of those ancient gamers that grew up in the 80s, I’m rather fond of arcades. Back in the day, those were the way to play games. They were flashy, bombastic quarter-eating monsters, and they were delightful. One of my favorites…

Lemnis Gate Is A Lot To Wrap Your Mind Around

Four Dimensions Of Strategy Lemnis Gate isn’t an easy game to just pick up and play. This new time-loop strategy shooter from Ratloop Games Canada asks a lot of players, and even after spending some time with it, I’m still not sure I can fully wrap my head around…

Dice Legacy Is A “Roll-Playing” Roguelike Where The Dice Have A Life Of Their Own

In Dice Legacy, instead of the dice being rolled to resolve encounters, the dice represent people who can get sick, have children and die.
powerwash simulator

PowerWash Simulator Teaches Pressure-Free Task Management Skills

Powerwash your problems away! What makes powerwashing so incredibly satisfying? Some say it’s the simple act of taking a seriously dirty item, like a car or driveway, and making it like new again. Others think that the powerwasher itself is what does the trick, lending the user its strength,…

PAX East 21: Blind Fate Punishes Your Cyberpunk Soul

Fighting in the Dark   I want to preface this by saying Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is ambitious in all the right ways. It takes place in a dark and dynamic universe that mashes together japanese lore with cyberpunk mayhem. Not to mention, the premise of playing a…

PAX East 21: Blaster Master Zero 3 is a Wild Ride

Blast All Mutants in Blaster Master Zero 3   Despite my recently kindled appreciation for the Blaster Master Zero series, I hadn’t thought about demoing Blaster Master Zero 3. I typically play these games nonstop over the course of a week or so, usually in anticipation for a review.…

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