CrossFire: Legion Is Shaping Up To Be A Furiously Fast-Paced Classic RTS

CrossFire: Legion Takes Smilegate’s Hugely Popular FPS In A Totally New Direction   It’s not every day a game like CrossFire comes along. Developed by South Korean studio Smilegate Entertainment, the 2007 shooter is one of the most popular games of all time, boasting 690 million players across 80…

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Is Great for Fans Old and New

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Has the Heart of the Cards   So when I’m not spending all my free time writing up video games, I play a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh! I’ve been a fan since it first came to the West two decades ago, and the game continues to evolve…
The Anacrusis

The Anacrusis’ Stylish ’70s Sci-Fi Action Marred By Rocky Early Access Launch

The Anacrusis Wasn’t Quite Ready For Take-Off.   Landing on Game Pass, Xbox Game Preview, and PC via both Steam and the Epic Games Store, The Anacrusis has officially launched into early access. I’m a sucker for a good cooperative shooter and have spent countless hours slaying wave upon…

Ikai is a Horror Game That Forces Players to Confront Their Fears, and Its Absolutely Terrifying

Sometimes, all you can do is power through     Helplessness is probably the scariest thing to ever exist. I don’t care how many creepy monsters and terrifying scenarios you throw at me to try to convince me otherwise—those things are only scary because we’re helpless to stop them. Most…

Death Trash Is a Lush and Horrifying Adventure

Death Trash is a Lovecraft Fan’s Dream Game   As a fan of pixel art, Death Trash naturally appealed to me. Developed by Berlin developer Crafting Legends, it’s a mix of post-apocalyptic robot mayhem and Lovecraftian horror. And while the game is currently in Early Access, I managed to…

Anti-Turing Test Offers Up New Mechanics for Deckbuilders

Anti-Turing Test Has a Confusing Story, but Engaging Mechanics   Deckbuilders. Why oh why do you always lure me in with your siren call? I was recently given the opportunity to give metagalaxy panda’s Anti-Turing Test a spin, and I have to say that, even though it’s still in…

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