Empyre: Lords Of The Sea Gates Preview

It’s not steampunk, it’s Neo-Victorian! Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates is a trip into an alternate history New York of 1911 where the rising sea levels have flooded the city. In the resulting chaos, the city divides into city-states where scarcity has the competing factions increasingly at eachother’s…

Fantasy Strike Early Access Preview

Reverse Engineering The One-On-One Fighter When it comes to the fighting game scene, the name David Sirlin may not illicit the same reaction as those of legendary players like Daigo Umehara or Kuroda. However, he’s certainly a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to competitive brawlers. A…

Demon Gaze II Preview: Summon Your Ideal Demon Waifu

Summon Your Ideal Demon Waifu How does the idea of catching demons that look like cute anime girls sound to you? If that sounds awesome – which it objectively is – you might want to put Demon Gaze II on your radar. NISA gave us the opportunity to try…
Badass Hero title

Badass Hero Preview – A Guaranteed Page-Turner

Judgement according to the panels. Comic books and video games. They go together like peanut butter and jelly, really. But despite this obvious pairing, very few games actually draw inspiration from the comic medium directly. Over the years, we’ve had a few attempts, such as the classic Comix Zone…

Moons of Madness Preview

Cosmic Horror That’s Actually in Space!   For some reason or another, 2017 seems to be the year Lovecraftian horror haunts its way into indie games. I’ve had the joy of previewing multiple titles based on the Cthulhu mythos within the past couple of months, and I won’t deny…
Beat the Game title

Beat The Game Preview – New Day, New Tune

Be prepared for a Beating. I’d like to think of myself as a connoisseur of odd games. The stranger and more unusual the title, the more likely I am to gravitate towards it. It’s not a hipster statement or anything; I simply enjoy a game, or any medium for…

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