Ash of Gods: Redemption Preview

Ashy-ness is Next to Godliness Judging a game before I even start playing it probably isn’t something that I should be doing as a reviewer, but I couldn’t help myself when it came to Ash of Gods: Redemption. As soon as I started a new file, the first thing…

Nightmarchers Preview: Keep Marching

Nightmarchers, Keep Marching Oh boy. Um. Hi, friend! How are you doing? I hope this preview finds you well. Very well, in fact. Have you eaten today? Are you comfortable? What do you mean I’m stalling? No, I’m not, you’re stalling! All right, all right! Fine, you win! Have…

The Forbidden Arts Preview

Not Quite Risen from the Ashes Hoo boy, I do not like doing this. I like being nice. I mean, behind every indie game there’s an indie developer with a unique story. And I like to give indie devs the benefit of the doubt and assume that they’re doing their best.…

Battlecursed Preview

Battlecursed is really not sure of itself. I love dungeon crawling games, especially within a fantasy setting. There’s just something wholesome and pure about those D&D style escapades. They tap into a part of my soul that makes things seem all fuzzy and happy. It’s almost as if all’s…

Life is Feudal: MMO Early Access Preview (PC)

Mud Farming Peasant Simulator: 900 A.D. Video games, in my opinion, are one of the best mediums to really put yourself in another’s shoes. Whether it be to role-play, fulfill a power fantasy or simply as a use of escapism, some of the best games ever made provide that…

Trailmakers Early Access Preview (PC)

Does this DIY sandbox driver take off? I embark on writing this preview with some major trepidation: for starters, driving and racing games are not my forte, so it would only make sense I’d pass upon participating in the Early Access for Trailmakers, an indie driving game from Flashbulb…

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