Lamplght City Miles

Exploring Lamplight City With Its Creator

Steampunk murder mysteries ahead! During my GDC adventure I was lucky enough to meet up with some very cool indie developers, one of which being the very cool Francisco…

Battle Princess Madelyn Preview – A Loving Tribute To Ghouls ‘N Ghosts

Girls ‘N Ghosts What’s a gamer to do when his oh-so-cute daughter looks at him with puppy-dog eyes and asks, “Daddy, why can’t the girl rescue the guy?” You…
Episode Gladiolus 1

Episode Gladiolus: Pax East Demo Impressions

Gladio Takes The Spotlight In Upcoming DLC   I was lucky enough to be at PAX East this weekend where I got a hands on preview of the first…
emily is away too

Emily is Away Too PAX East Impressions

It’s been a while, Windows XP and Early Youtube. Have you been well? The indie megabooth at PAX East is set up like a beautiful microcosm of different breeds…
Just shapes & beats

Just Shapes & Beats PAX East Preview

Just shapes & beats & deaths & potential ragequits. You know the Sans fight in Undertale? At this point, chances are you do. Guiding that tiny little icon around…
FlatOut Wonacott screen 1

Preview: Flatout 4: Total Insanity Is A Smashing Good Time

Drive! Destroy! Drive more!   Flatout 4: Total Insanity is actually a pretty accurate title for game where you commit the most insane vehicular carnage I have seen in…

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