Top 12 Steam Next Fest Demos To Try in June

Check Out What’s Next in June 2022   Despite never having enough hours in the day to play all the games that catch my attention, the Steam Next Fest is always a source of great joy. I truly enjoy cultivating a list of Steam Next Fest demos to share…
Top 12 DS Games | Featured

Top 12 DS Games That Need a Modern Remake

Return to the DS Era With Some Fantastic Games   Perhaps I like living in the past, but I truly loved the Nintendo DS. Hell, I loved a lot of old portable systems. Not just because I grew up with them, but because those dinosaurs didn’t require an internet…

Top 12 Demos To Check Out in the 2022 Steam Next Fest

Demo-Lition, Man   Well folks, another Steam Next Fest is underway, and you know what that means – time for another one of my lists! I always enjoy scouring the site for any promising looking demos, and sharing them with you all. And though I try and limit myself,…

Hey Poor Player’s Top 25 Games of 2021

Which Title Will Win in our Battle of the Games of 2021?   2021 has been a year of managing expectations and learning to accept the horrors of 2020 as the new normal. Though coronavirus has ravaged the world, vaccines have offered new hope of people being able to…

8 Spooky Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Friends

Spooky Multiplayer Games that are scary enough to send a shiver down your spine… and those of your friends too!   Giggling with mischievous glee, the HPP team crafted a curious concoction for this Halloween season: a selection of grisly games that’ll not only make you tremble, but also…

Top 8 Spooky Games In Need of a Sequel That Originated on Nintendo Platforms

Some Spooky Delights That Need Revisiting   This time of the year, I start getting obsessed with all things creepy and spooky. Cause while you don’t have to be terrifying to embody Halloween, it certainly doesn’t hurt. And despite mostly gaming on Nintendo systems, I’ve played a lot of…

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