5 Amazing NES Games That Won’t Break The Bank

Let’s go shopping! We are approximately one week away from Hyperkin’s release of the RetroN HD, a new NES clone console that outputs a 720p signal via HDMI, and…
mario kart 8 best tracks

The Best 15 Mario Kart 8 Tracks

Did your favorite track make the cut? The ultimate version of Wii U’s beloved Mario Kart 8 has been released for Nintendo Switch! Dubbed Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, this…
Mass Effect Romances

The Top Five Original Trilogy Mass Effect Romances

It’s better to have loved and lost, than to restart a forty hour save file… When it comes to epic space operas, romance may not be the first topic on…

Top 10 Toughest NES Game Bosses

No controllers were harmed during the making of this feature I’ve been hearing it more and more the last few years.  “The Dark Souls games are the equivalent of…

The Tempest Crew Ranked Best to Worst

Loyalty Missions Need Not Apply Arguably some of the most memorable aspects of BioWare games are the friends you make along the way. Mass Effect Andromeda is, of course,…

Top 9 Side Scrolling Beat-‘Em-Ups

 These beat-’em-ups are scrolling down the street, looking for a fight. In the beginning, there were beat-’em-ups, and the Lord said they were good. As the punches flowed like wine…

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