10 Halloween-Themed Games that Probably Won’t Give You Nightmares

Reader Beware, You’re Most Likely Not in for a Scare! Wow, is it almost Halloween already? Apparently so! For most of us, that means doing the obvious; watching movies and, more importantly, playing video games in an attempt to scare ourselves so badly that we have nightmares for the…
Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Nerdy Halloween Costumes That Don’t Suck

Last-minute Halloween costumes: Because “Procrastinator” isn’t a costume Halloween is upon us, folks, and if you have that last minute party to get to and still don’t have a costume, fret not! Instead of going to your local party store or one of those weird Halloween stores that crop…
Netflix Halloween

5 Netflix Movies To Spoop Up Your Halloween

Get Ready To Spoop Your Pants! Tis’ the season…for terror, folks! As All Hallows Eve draws nearer, the need to be spooked and frightened begins to boil ever deeper in our blood. Besides scary games (which we’re all undoubtedly playing this time of year) scary movies are bound to…

Five Terrifying Moments In Gaming

You play a good game, boy… but the game is finished. Now you die.   There are pivotal moments in video games that have stuck with me throughout the years. Beating Contra for the first time. Getting the Master Sword in A Link to the Past. Killing my first…
5 characters

5 Game Characters We Saw Ourselves In

Sometimes when you stare into the polygons, the polygons stare back. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had a point in time where a fictional character has caused us to stop, think, and go “oh yeah. That’s me, kind of.” It happens in film, TV, books,…

Top 10 Nazi-Punching Games That Will Earn You Your Scalps

Achtung! Nazis are one of the greatest threats to society in recent years, so let’s write a list you will Nazi coming. “Part of the attraction of the hero is their apparently clear and distinct outlook on what constitutes normality for humanity. It is this that allows them to…

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