Go Rogue Later in 2021 with ANVIL: Vault Breakers

Bring Down the Hammer With ANVIL: Vault Breakers   Good news today for fans of frenetic co-op action with a hint of rogue-like and top down mechanics. Later this year Action Square is bringing us ANVIL: Vault Breakers. It has you play as one of several Breakers fighting against…

How To Beat Forskydda in Evertried

Use Forskydda’s Mojo Against Him   The third boss in Evertried is the nefarious Forskydda the Tower Matrix. You’ll find him in a lair full of falling meteors, dangerous devices, and sneaky conveyor belts. And though, in some ways, Forskydda is the least active boss you’ve faced so far,…

Evertried Beginner’s Guide to Ascension

Evertried Beginner’s Guide Starts Here   Since I’ve been playing my way through Evertried, a tactical rogue-like published by DANGEN Entertainment, I thought I’d write a few guides. This first one is also the most important, since Evertried is not an easy game. Thus, here is my Evertried Beginner’s…

How to Beat Avsladi in Evertried

Seal Away the Creeping Darkness of Avsladi   Evertried is tough enough, and that’s before we even talk about the bosses. The first of which is Avsladi: The Creeping Darkness. As the first of his kind, he’s an ancient and menacing spirit. He’s overwhelmed by grief, which is manifested…

How to Beat Ilskgar in Evertried

Don’t Get Gored by This Bull   Ilskgar’s tale is a tragic one. He offered up his army to spare the life of his family, but was only spared himself. His wife and child were cruelly taken from him. In his fury, he went completely berserk, and was thus…

Echo Generation: Retrieving the Rogue Ship Coordinates

Party With Aliens and Get the Rogue Ship Coordinates in Echo Generation If you’ve ever wanted to party hard with some extraterrestrial beings, this is the guide for you. Echo Generation has no shortage of odd situations, with this one not only being one-of-a-kind, but essential to the main…

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