Cherry Hunter Takes Center Stage In New Streets of Rage 4 Trailer

Adam Hunter’s daughter kicks ass and takes names in the latest trailer for Streets of Rage 4, coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch DotEmu today released a new trailer for Streets of Rage 4 introducing a new playable character, Cherry Hunter. “Cherry Hunter is the daughter…
Fuga: Melodies of Steel | KeyArt

AX 2019: Fuga: Melodies of Steel Hands-on

War is a brutal thing. So, what happens when a group of children decides to set out to rescue their parents from an invading Empire? Let’s take a look at CyberConnect2’s Fuga: Melodies of Steel to find out. One of the best parts of attending a convention like Anime…

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Gets Animated Launch Trailer

Get drawn into the chaos with this flashy launch trailer   With the release of Metal Wolf Chaos XD just a day away, the game’s publisher Devolver Digital has released a fun, animated trailer to get you ready for the game’s over-the-top, mech-based combat. Check out the trailer below:…

Yuzo Koshiro Returns For Streets Of Rage 4

Yuzo Koshiro returns to lay down the beats for Streets of Rage 4 alongside Motohiro Kawashima and Street Fighter II composer Yoko Shimomura   While we’ve been excited about Streets of Rage 4 since the game was announced last year, the elephant in the room has been whether or not…
Pawarumi Switch

Neo Aztec Shmup Pawarumi Gets Release Date, New Trailer

Frantic bullet-hell shooter Pawarumi blasts its way onto Switch and Xbox One on July 24th     Pawarumi, the upcoming Neo Aztec shoot ’em up from French indie studio Manufacture 43 will be making its way to the Switch and Xbox One on July 24th. To celebrate the game’s…

Deliver Us the Moon Takes One Giant Leap to PC and Console Later This Year

That’s no small step!     Developer KeokeN Interactive and publisher Wired Productions have announced that Deliver Us The Moon will be landing on PC and console later this year. Set in an eerily apocalyptic, and not-so-distant future, Deliver Us The Moon will task players to fill the shoes, or rather,…

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