Super Cloudbuilt Review

Jumping from Cloud 9 to Cloud 10 A little while ago, I watched my nephew play Sonic Adventure – one of the earlier 3D Sonic games on the cult-classic, but short-lived Sega Dreamcast. What struck me immediately was the jarring shifts between measured, precise platforming and breakneck running segments.…

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Test Dates Announced

SquareEnix will soon commence Closed Online Testing for FFXV SquareEnix has announced that they will soon begin Closed Online Testing for the Final Fantasy XV multiplayer DLC, Comrades. In Comrades, players will be able to create their own custom avatars and form groups with up to three other people as they embark on…

Buy Property and Extort Your Rivals This Fall in Constructor

Your only limit is how low you’re willing to sink Developer System 3 and publisher Deep Silver have announced that they will be bringing Constructor to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime in the Fall. Constructor, a modernization of the 1997 game by the same name, will…
aven colony

Aven Colony Review

Fertile Ground   When I previewed Aven Colony a few weeks back, I liked what I played, but was honestly impressed more by the port job done with the game than with the game itself. There was nothing wrong with what I played, not at all. All systems were…

SSFIIT HD Remix Dev’s New Fighter Fantasy Strike To Get Free Alpha This Weekend

Try Super Street Fighter II HD Turbo studio’s new fighter, Fantasy Strike, for free this weekend Developer Sirlin Games today announced that a pre-alpha build of Fantasy Strike, the latest fighter from the team behind Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, will be available for free this weekend,…

Warframe Adds Haunting New Chains of Harrow Update

Powerful new weapons, terrifying new quests, and more Digital Extremes has announced today that their latest Warframe update, Chains of Harrow, has officially gone live. Though the name may sound foreboding, Chains of Harrow has brought with it plenty of content that is too enticing to keep Warframe fans away. Players will be able…

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