JoyMasher’s Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider Joins The Arcade Crew

Bless The Moon   Days like today, I truly wish that Konami would just hire the talented folks at JoyMasher full time. They have rekindled the things that made the Contra games so amazing, and even managed to bring modern conveniences to the fray. Recently they’re behind the amazing…

Bitwave Joins Freemode To Bring Toaplan and Sunsoft Games West

Past Meets Present in This Exciting Collaboration   Exciting news from the group formerly known as Retroid Interactive, and which is now called Bitwave Games. The Sweden based team has joined forces with Freemode. Their goal? To bring classic Japanese titles to us all, on PC and various consoles.…

Hand of Fate Members Rebrand as Spitfire Interactive, Reveal Capes

From the Ashes Comes Superhero Adventure Capes   What feels like a lifetime ago, I got the opportunity to cover Defiant Development’s Hand of Fate at one of my first PAX West conventions. I was incredibly impressed by the talent and dedication of the Australian team, and thought that…

Floppy Knights First Batch of Free Updates Launches August 30th

Let Floppy Times Roll Again!   The only thing better than playing a game you adore is getting a reason to keep playing it. Not too long ago, I had the privilege of reviewing Floppy Knights, an adorable tactical, card-based adventure full of spunk and personality. While I enjoyed…

Marvelous Europe Signs 2 New Games for 2023 Release

Two Reasons to Look Forward to 2023   Today Marvelous Europe has signed two really fascinating looking games from their indie Game incubator program (also known as their iGi). One of them is a frenetic action game called Ninja or Die. The other is a beautiful journey through harsh…

Celebrate National Melon Day with New Melon Journey Details

Melons For All!   Did you know there was a National Melon Day? Because I sure didn’t, but I looked it up, and it’s apparently a public holiday in Turkmenistan today. Which probably strikes you all as a non sequitur, but bear with me. The reason we’re talking about…

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