Christian Angeles

A screenplay and comic book writer who grew up on playing everything Blizzard and Final Fantasy, Christian is a part-time entertainment journalist who covers just about everything. He loves attending conventions, meeting fellow creatives, and of course, gaming.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Review

It’s Like Watching A Resident Evil Game    When Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was announced there really wasn’t a whole lot of TV being publicized at the time. So it was a pretty big deal to see beloved protagonists Leon S Kennedy and Claire Redfield, the franchise leads in…
final fantasy vii remake fort condor

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade: How To Beat Every Hard Mode Fort Condor Challenge

There Is Only One Real Strategy To Master Fort Condor      Even though there are lots of guides on the internet about how to complete the Fort Condor Challenge in Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, ultimately, as fun as it may be, it has a gigantic flaw. Especially when…
weiss the immaculate

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade: How To Defeat Weiss The Immaculate One

Hail To The King, Baby! Here’s How To Defeat Weiss The Immaculate One in Final Fantasy VII Intergrade   Easily one of the most difficult battles in the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, defeating Weiss The Immaculate will put your skills to the test. Unlockable only after finishing the…
bahamut is the first fight in the final fantasy vii intergrade pride and joy mark 0.5 battle

Final Fantasy VII Intergrade: Pride And Joy Mk 0.5 Guide

Pride And Joy Is Easy; It’s Bahamut That is Hard Making its return in Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, Pride and Joy was a boss battle featured in the original Final Fantasy VII Remake. Though this time, it’s even harder than ever before. Defeating this challenge grants not just one,…
Nero in Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Episode INTERmission Nero Boss Guide

The Final Showdown Is A doozy If You Stop Attacking. Learn How To Be Victorious In Our Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode INTERmission Nero Boss Guide The final battle for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s INTERmission DLC campaign is up against Nero, a major antagonist to Vincent Valentine’s storyline,…
the family has a final meal before the end of the series

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Episode 6

I Am America, (And So Can You!)   The final battle begins in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier episode 6, so strap on, put those tray tables up, and place those seats in the upright position (We’re looking at you, Bucky) because this one was a doozy of…

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