Marvelous Game Showcase Reveals New Rune Factory, Daemon X Machina and More

Ride the Dragon!   Recently, Marvelous shared the 2023 Marvelous Game Showcase. It clocks in at about a half hour, and features various hosts joking and being silly while introducing a variety of upcoming games. The energy in the Marvelous Game Showcase honestly reminded me fondly of Satoru Iwata…
HPP Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download for 5/25/23

FATALITY!   You all know what day it is. So it’s time for the Nintendo Download for 5/25/23. This week we have a couple featured titles, some worthy pre-orders, new content for existing games and the usual good stuff. But first, let’s start with one of the best monster…

The Plucky Squire Shares Transcendent Gameplay Trailer

Pluck’ing Gorgeous   It’s fair to say we’ve been on the bandwagon for The Plucky Squire since Devolver first revealed it. How could we not? It’s utterly unlike anything I’ve seen in recent history, on top of being gorgeous. Mix in a little Zelda energy and explore vast worlds,…

Set Sail With Cat Quest: Pirates of the Purribean In 2024

Ahoy, Kitties!   First, a disclaimer. If you’re easily triggered by silly puns, then stop reading right now. If, however, you love those of the feline persuasion and find a good pun restorative, then you’re in luck. Because The Gentlebros and Kepler Interactive just revealed a trailer for a…

Catch the Stunning Trailer For Neva, From the Creators of GRIS

A Warrior and Her Wolf Cub   Though I’m always around for the latest news from Nintendo, sometimes I’m a little slow keeping up with other consoles. So I didn’t immediately see the news from the PlayStation Showcase that Nomada Studio, the team behind the stunning GRIS, are working…

Check Out a Magical New Trailer For The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood

Divine the Future In The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood   Not too long ago, I had the privilege to preview The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood. Though not familiar with Deconstructeam’s work before playing, I quickly became a fan. Now you can check out why I’m so excited, courtesy of a great…

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