Vanquish 10th Anniversary Review (PS4)

“Get outta the way!” Like Bayonetta, there have been very few titles like Vanquish in the last ten years. Those dedicated to PlatinumGames-developed entities could only praise its frantic yet exhilarating action, impressive boss fights, even knee-sliding. And they were right; Vanquish is an excellent fast-paced, super stylish shooter…

Bayonetta 10th Anniversary Remaster Review (PS4)

“Don’t f**k with a witch!” Bayonetta is up there with the best—arguably even the best—hack-‘n-slash action game around. It’s problematic and erratic PS3 port back in 2010 left a false impression – after all, Bayonetta is no mere historical curio. We may have had to wait ten years, but Bayonetta finally…

Haven’s Opening Movie Highlights Bond Between Lovers Yu And Kay

“The opening movie conveys in essence what the team is trying to bring to life with the game: a couple of characters who love each other, and with whom they hope you are going to fall in love in turn,” says developer The Game Bakers. Montpellier, France-based indie studio…

Rom-Com Visual Novel ‘Arcade Spirits’ Spreads Love On Consoles In May

Get ready to court love-struck button-mashers in Arcade Spirits, coming to the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this Spring. Following its love-struck release on PC last year, Fiction Factory Games romantic comedy visual novel Arcade Spirits will be making its way to the Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4…
shenmue iii review

Shenmue III Story Pack DLC Coming Next Week

Yu Suzuki’s epic gets a fresh dose of story missions next Tuesday.   Deep Silver today announced that Shenmue III’s Story Quest Pack will be releasing on February 18. Here’s a description of the DLC from the publisher and Ys Net: “Story Quest Pack sees our intrepid and fearless adventurer…

Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Opening Movie Is Simply Breathtaking

Get ready to feel all of the nostalgia.   With less than two months to go until the long-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake finds its way into the eager mitts of JRPG fans, Square Enix has released the game’s opening movie, and boy is it a beauty. The footage,…

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