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The Last of Us Season 1: Long, Long Time Review

A Necessary Detour The Last of Us’ third episode, Long, Long Time, is not what most anyone expected. Those just looking for a zombie show will get a lot more this week as we spend most of the episode taking a break from Joel and Ellie. Those who played the…

The Last of Us Season 1: Infected Review

The Hard Questions With introductions and set up out of the way, the second episode of HBO’s The Last of Us is able to get right into its world and the situation our three protagonists find themselves in. Infected doesn’t waste much time before asking Joel and Tess to…

The Last Of Us Season 1: When You’re Lost In The Darkness Review

Setting The Stage I can already tell that for those of us who have played The Last of Us, watching the new adaptation airing on HBO is going to be a strange experience. Billed as one of the most faithful game adaptations ever, the first episode, When You’re Lost…

Tabletop Review: Master Dater

  Master Dater Review: Love! No Longer Is It A Dangerous Game! After the success of the games “Joking Hazard” and “Trial by Trolley,” the fine folks over at Cyanide and Happiness – Explosm –  are back with another party game for the masses. “Master Dater” inspires would-be singles…

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1: Whose Show Is This? Review

Smashing Expectations She-Hulk: Attorney At Law has gone on quite a journey since the start of this season. Its early episodes struggled to find a strong voice, so focused on exposition and set-up that they often forgot to be funny, an issue when we’re talking about a show billed…

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1: Ribbit and Rip It Review

Seeing Red I know Marvel fans, as fun as She-Hulk: Attorney At Law can be at times, a lot of you were mainly interested in the show because of one much-anticipated guest star. It’s not been a secret that a major Marvel hero is stopping by and getting caught…

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