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My Hero Academia Vol. 24 Review

Chillin’ like a villain! Kohei Horikoshi’s opening Author Notes apologizes for Volume 24’s distinct lack of Izuku “Deku” Midoriya; actually, aside from forbidden photos or the occasional chapter cover, not a single hero’s spotted within the latest volume of My Hero Academia. Indeed, Spinner’s banner replacement on the cover…

Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 4 Review

This is the same series? For real? Fellow manga connoisseurs, I stand before you today served with a delectable plate of crow. That stupid Jujutsu Kaisen comic — the one I initially judged as another clunker ready and primed for Shonen Jump’s axe — has steadily morphed from a…
spy x family volume one review

Spy x Family Vol. 1 Review

*Insert clever Anya meme here* Now, isn’t that just the sweetest: three enigmatic introverts — Twilight, the world’s greatest spy; Yor, a deadly female assassin, and Anya, a telepathic tyke — banding together to forge a pretend “family” for their own respective agendas. Each hiding their true identities and…
dr. stone volume 11 review

Dr. Stone Vol. 11 Review

Bread. Bread everywhere. Aw yeah, now we’re talking: the science of bread! Mmm, just look at how Senku and Francois are sinking their teeth into delectably sumptuous baked treats. If there’s one thing I celebrate about my Italian heritage, it’s our famed affinity for leavened wheat, so you better…
jujutsu kaisen volume 3 header

Jujutsu Kaisen Vol. 3 Review

Might we be seeing a light at the end of this tunnel? Okay, so, we’re getting there — Jujutsu Kaisen‘s altruistic message of “helping others” may’ve been an admirable goal, but it didn’t make for an interesting debut; indeed; I may’ve started warming up to the series as of…
persona 5 volume 2 review

Persona 5 Vol. 2 Review

Where have you been? Quarantine’s been something of a boon for my Persona 5 Royal experience — I already juggle enough pastimes as it is, so with everything from revisiting Banjo-Tooie to assembling jigsaw puzzles (my personal pile of shame; thankfully, James Coleman’s Pooh’s Afternoon Nap perfectly channels an…

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