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The Hike

The Hike Review

The Hike is a thrilling adventure of existential calamity. Imagine for a moment you’re out in the woods. The prospect of getting lost is an altogether realistic and terrifying one for certain. However, imagine if getting lost meant more than just not being able to find your way back…

Second Opinion: Ready Player One Is The Worst Thing Nerd Culture Ever Produced

If you can overlook the bad writing, one-dimensional characters and stolen plot, you’ll find a story that’s also morally repugnant. This is not a series about games you haven’t heard of.  This is a series about games EVERYONE has heard of.  Games that everyone has an opinion on, regardless…

Game of Thrones Season 7: “Dragonstone” Review

Tell Them Winter Came for House Frey. It’s. Finally. Here. While the entry back into Westeros is bittersweet given that this is the second to last of two shortened seasons, in the end it really does feel good to be home. And a welcoming of epic proportions do we…

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

He’s more than just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.   Spider-Man: Homecoming is the most grounded movie yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, creating more tension from the threat of an illegal weapons dealer than an alien invasion or the destruction of the universe itself. The movie is personal, thriving…
Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman Review

“You Are Stronger Than You Believe.” This review is a week late in the making. But to be fair, Wonder Woman is years late to the silver screen. Therefore I don’t feel bad saying in terms of both the movie, and the Hey Poor Player review section, that it’s…

Virology Book Review

When Frank put a copy of Virology (written by Ren Warom) in my hands and asked me for a review, I jumped. Despite not having read Virology's predecessor, Escapeology, I gave this a go and... well, read more to find out!

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