Post E3 2021 Discussion – Hey Poor Podcast

Join Jonathan Trussler, Jon Davis, Josh Speer, Benny Carrillio and all-new contributor: Cory Clark as we run down the highlights of E3.

Are Videogame Movies Getting Better? – Hey Poor Podcast

Seriously Though, When Does Death Stranding Get Good?     This week we talk about whether videogame movies are getting better or worse and what games we’d like to see adapted for TV and movies. Also, does Death Stranding ever get good? All this and more in another exciting…

Steam Censorship and Genderbending Columbus – Hey Poor Podcast

And lots of other topical subjects too!   Check out this episode of the Hey Poor Podcast, where we talk about Steam Censorship of naughty games from behind the scenes. We discuss the empirical merits of turning Christopher Columbus into a sexy lady and Heather shares insane tales of…

HPP’s Top 25 Games of the Year Video Podcast

Running Down the Top 25 Games of the Year with the HPP Team   It’s a mega length video podcast where the HPP team counts down their top 25 games of 2020! There will be thrills, spills and unexpected entries! The episode was hosted and edited by Jonathan Trussler,…

June 2020 Games We’re Looking Forward To – Hey Poor Podcast

Been Gone a Long Time… Shouldn’t Have Left You… Without a New Beat to Step To     It’s the long-awaited return of the Hey Poor Podcast with an all-new cast and all-new topics for a new decade! This episode is hosted by Jonathan Trussler and features guests Francis…

Test of Time: Tomb Raider

Can Lara Croft stand the Test of Time?       Here is the first episode of an ambitious new video podcast, where two thirty-somethings revisit games from their youth to find out if they can stand the Test of Time. Join Jonathan and Francis as they navigate long-forgotten…

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