animal crossing scallop

Diving for Scallops: Pascal, Pearls, and Mermaid DIYs! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

Don’t be a creeper. Been having fun in the sun with your new wetsuit? Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have scavenged countless goodies beneath the underwater depths, not the least in those nightmare-inducing scallops. (No, seriously, have you seen the eyes on those things?) The key to earning gorgeous…
animal crossing swimming guide

Swimming Shenanigans: Swimsuits and Sea Critters! (Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide)

The best of summer memories! Bust out the floats, put on some sunscreen, and don your wetsuits: it’s swimming time! Well, okay, you won’t need the first two for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but the new July update brings back a familiar feature in reading water. Just like in…

How to Unlock Every Safe in The Last of Us Part II

Every Safe Code and Location in The last of Us Part II Much like the Resident Evil series, safe and code-cracking has now become a full-on puzzle added into the Last of Us Part II’s gameplay. And while the original game featured safes as a find-a-password/crack-a-safe mechanic, this time…

Where to Find Every Weapon in The Last of Us Part II

Every Gun and Weapon in The Last of Us Part II      The Last of Us 2 is a massive game compared to the original, with lots of skill trees to unlock and weapons you can utilize. Thankfully, holsters will inevitably be found at different checkpoints throughout the…
Ellie and Dina are the main love interest in Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II: Characters and Factions Guide (Feat. Spoilers Section)

Who Are You, Again?     The Last of Us Part II is a heartbreaking yet compelling story. A riveting tale about revenge and its consequences, showcasing the victimhood of what an at-any-cost approach to survival entails. Significantly lengthier than the original game, this sequel can, at times, be…
Quarter Last of Us Part II

Where to Find Every Quarter in The Last of Us Part II

Quarter For Your Thoughts? Here’s Our Last of Us Part II Quarter Guide   There’s a lot of pet peeves people seem to have with Abby in this game, and while I don’t agree with them all, here’s one that’s a bit boring that stands out: coin collecting. As…

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