Trek to Yomi: Chapter 7 Guide

The End? When you start chapter 7, your dojo and your foe lie directly ahead of you, but they’re blocked by flames so you can’t make your way through. Instead, head to the left to grab some ammo, then head right where you can almost immediately grab a collectible.…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 6 Guide

Escape The Depths As you start the sixth chapter of Trek to Yomi, you’re pushing into the very heart of Yomi. There’s ammo right by where you start, and you can see a shrine above you. Go use it, and you’ll find a collectible just to the left. Then…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 5 Guide

Show Your Resolve As you enter chapter 5, you’ve made a choice that will define your character. Now Hiroki is determined to escape this wretched land. Head forward and grab a collectible right off the bat. The path ahead of you twists and unwinds, creating a path going just…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 1 Guide

When Bandits Attack The first chapter of Trek to Yomi starts off with your character Hiroki in a training session with your sensei. The game will start by teaching you the basic controls before another adult rushes in and your sensei takes off, leaving you alone with his daughter…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 2 Guide

Sorry Homies We enter chapter 2 of Trek to Yomi with Hiroki and Aiko now as adults running the village. A group of warlords has been terrorizing neighboring areas, so Hiroki is sent out to help with a group of samurai. They’re all captured right away, though, which doesn’t…

Trek to Yomi: Chapter 4 Guide

Are You On The Path? At the start of chapter 4, Hiroki sees Aiko in the distance and follows after her. Run forward, and a vision ahead of her vanishes. Follow the path down. Soon you’ll find an old woman who warns you of a plague. In front of…

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