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twin mirror mind palace

In Twin Mirror, the mind palace is a form of eidetic memory made manifest in Sam’s own crystalized alternate mind dimension. It’s a technique used in shows like the BBC’s Sherlock and games like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and is an interesting approach to sort through clues and make puzzle solving a lot more of a visual spectacle. And although its usage is peppered throughout the game, there are actually only five critical moments Sam utilizes his special powers. Now, I won’t lay out all the clues in each puzzle level so that you can still have somewhat of a challenge in the game. But for those stumped at combining these shining puzzle pieces together, here are the selections and solutions (that I put in parentheses like these) to solve all of the mind palace puzzles featured in Twin Mirror. Fair warning, all of these are story spoilers but the last one is a major spoiler.


The Bar Fight at Coal Miner’s Haven (Next Day)

  • Where the fight went (Towards the Pillar); Where it ended (On The Stage); Suspect (Dennis).


Dennis’ Murder Scene at The Basswood Jungle 

  • Dennis’ Injury (Chest); Exit Wound (back); Bullet impact (wall behind Dennis); Holster (desk); Dennis’ gun (crystal shooter); Traces of blood (left side); Dennis Corpse (Dennis’ torso).


Nick’s Car Accident

  • Nick (unconscious); Car and Fuel (Caught on Fire); Obstacle (None). 


Fire Distraction At The Refuge 

  • What should Anna do (break the water hose); Where to hide (behind the curtain); When to come out (when alone).



  • This one only triggers if you picked the Mind Palace over living a happy person-focused life with your doppelganger. Now, despite the options, the only actual selection/solution that matters here is whether or not you protect the emergency phone line from being shot, as that will be key to getting help called in on time to save Anna from dying. 


And that’s all of them. You can also check out our Twin Mirror Memory Guide and Memento Guide. And for those interested, feel free to read our upcoming Twin Mirror review.

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