Jonathan Trussler

Jonathan is HeyPoorPlayer's token British person, so expect him to thoroughly exploit this by quoting Monty Python and saying things like "Pip, pip, toodly-whotsit!" for the delight of American readers. He likes artsy-fartsy games, RPGs and RPG-Hybrids (which means pretty much everything at this point). He used to write for He's also just realised how much fun it is to refer to himself in the third person like he's The Rock or something.

Betrayal At Club Low Review (PC)

Betrayal At Club Low Review    “Weird” is a word much overused in the parlance of media criticism these days. It’s used to describe games or movies that are merely unconventional or unorthodox when it should be reserved to describe something genuinely unearthly and out there. Cosmo D’s games…

Sunday Gold Review (PC)

Sunday Gold Review: Golden Brown or Golden Let-Down?   Picture the scene: London has become a nightmarish dystopia of poverty, crime and corruption where shady billionaires stash their dirty money and use it for diabolical schemes. Now that I’ve finished describing present-day London, let’s talk about Sunday Gold, set…

Postal: Brain Damaged Review (PC)

Postal: Brain Damaged is, rather ironically, a sane and clear-headed new direction for the Postal series.

Postal 4: No Regerts Review (PC)

If You Buy Postal 4 Then You’ll Regert It     The very first Postal was a dark, disturbing portrait of a man descending into madness and going on a homicidal killing spree. Postal 2 skewed in the other direction, being much more of a goofy, satirical open-world game,…

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Review (PC)

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Review: On a Whole New Beach   Hideo Kojima is one of the OG gaming auteurs who bullishly charges ahead with his own style and message with every game he makes. If anything he’s only gotten more idiosyncratic with age. This is clearly on display…
Dungeons of Dreadrock

Dungeons of Dreadrock Review (PC)

Dungeons of Dreadrock Review: Manipulating Monsters   Dungeons of Dreadrock begins with a young woman and her brother camped outside the ominous entrance to a deep dungeon. The brother must venture into the depths to defeat an evil king of the underdark, but because of good old fashioned sexism,…

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