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Holiday Buyers Guide

Is it already that time again? With the Holidays closing in once more, we know a lot of you are looking for gifts for all the players in your lives, and maybe some things you’d like to get for yourselves too. If you’re not sure what to get, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. From November 3rd to November 18th, we’ll be bringing you guides to satisfy every type of player each weekday. Strap in and kiss your wallet goodbye.

If you’re going all in on a console, this Holiday season, whoever you’re buying for should be very excited. If you’re spending that kind of money, though, you’ll want to make sure you get them what they actually want. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a gift only to have the person opening it look disappointed. Here are some of the hottest console options this Holiday season.


Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld


Holiday Buyers Guide


Price: $349.99

I’ve had people ask me who this is for at this price point, and I get it. It’s not as powerful as most phones, and not as capable as a Steam Deck which is only $50.00 more. There are limitations.

To be clear, though, there are strengths as well. Full Android support means setup and use for emulation are a breeze, though it also means you’re limited to platforms that have a solid Android emulator. You can also download the huge library of games available directly on Android, or get into streaming with either Xbox Cloud Gaming or GeForce NOW. You can remote play your Xbox, your PS5, or your Steam account from a PC. There’s even a pretty fantastic screen which games look excellent on. For a lot of players, the Steam Deck will be the better fit, but if your main plan is to use the device for emulation and streaming, then saving $50.00 and getting a better screen is worth considering.


Nintendo Switch OLED


Holiday Buyers Guide

Price: $349.99

After nearly six years on the market, you’d think almost everyone who was going to buy a Switch had already done so, but these things keep selling, and with major hits like Bayonetta 3, Mario & Rabbids Sparks of Hope, and potentially the new Pokémon titles releasing this fall, you can certainly see the appeal.

The model to look out for here is the OLED, with a beautiful screen and smaller bezel to get the most out of your handheld experience while still being able to dock. There’s a Splatoon special edition for $10.00 more which is pretty cool, too, though at this point, it’s not exactly easy to come by, so you may have to go with the regular version.


PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarök Bundle


Holiday Buyers Guide

Price: Probably $549.99

Two years into its lifecycle, it’s still hard to get a PS5. Sony simply can’t keep up with demand. As a result, the odds of any sort of notable discounts this Holiday season are somewhere between zero and laughable. The best you’re going to do is the new God of War Ragnarök bundle, which is set to launch alongside the game on November 9th. While it’s not a true discount, it likely will be $20.00 cheaper than buying the game and system separately, as the Horizon: Forbidden West bundle earlier this year was. Considering this looks likely to be the PS5 game everyone wants this Holiday, that’s not too bad.


Steam Deck


Holiday Buyers Guide

Price: Starting At $399.00

For most of this year, buying a Steam Deck meant waiting months and hoping each week that you’d be part of the latest drop. That’s no longer the case, with current orders shipping within 1-2 weeks of being placed. That means you can actually get one of these for someone this Holiday season.

That’s good news, because the Steam Deck is an extremely competent system with a ton going for it. Updates have improved its capabilities, and it can do almost anything a full PC can, in a much nicer form factor. Sure, you’ll have to put up with some pain points if you want to step outside the Steam ecosystem, but there’s plenty there to keep you busy if you don’t want to do so.


Xbox Series S


Holiday Buyers Guide

Price: $299.99

For a lot of players, the Series X is going to be the better choice. It’s more powerful, and its ability to use discs is obviously useful if you have an extensive physical library. For a lot of players, though, the Series S is the better fit. It’s reportedly outsold its big brother in a lot of areas, and that’s not just because it’s been easier to come by.

For a significantly cheaper price, you get access to the current generation of gaming, all with the ability to hook into Microsoft’s Game Pass service, which remains the best deal in the industry. If, like many of us, you’re moving in a more digital direction, then the Series S is a fantastic option worth considering.


Andrew Thornton
Andrew has been writing about video games for nearly twenty years, contributing to publications such as DarkStation, Games Are Fun, and the E-mpire Ltd. network. He enjoys most genres but is always pulled back to classic RPG's, with his favorite games ever including Suikoden II, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Phantasy Star IV. Don't worry though, he thinks new games are cool too, with more recent favorites like Hades, Rocket League, and Splatoon 2 stealing hundreds of hours of his life. When he isn't playing games he's often watching classic movies, catching a basketball game, or reading the first twenty pages of a book before getting busy and forgetting about it.

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