Batwoman Season 2: It’s Best You Stop Digging Review

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Batwoman | Ryan on Kryptonite

I admit this week of Batwoman wasn’t what I was expecting. Especially after the events of the previous episode. See, I thought this episode would be the culmination of a few narratives intersecting on the island of Coriana. Instead, Ryan spent most of the episode at death’s door. Turns out, I wasn’t wrong, I was just early. Next week is the episode I’ve been anticipating. But in the meantime, let’s cover what this week’s Batwoman had to share.

This was a bit of a bottle episode. There wasn’t a lot of forward movement, other than looking backwards and some grinding of gears. Sure, we go to various locations, but it was all investigation by the Crows or misadventures by Batwoman herself. The episode itself starts with Ryan suffering immensely. Luke and Mary know they need the Desert Rose, but they still don’t have the elusive map to Coriana. Which may or may not have been burned by Ocean last week, mind you. As if Ryan’s pain wasn’t bad enough, the Kryptonite reaches her brain, and starts to cause hallucinations.

Don’t You Think You Should Be Lying Down?


Batwoman | Bloody Mess

Specters from Ryan’s past and present start haunting her, and reality starts to take a back seat. She has visions of her mother before she was murdered by Alice’s goons. At first they’re okay, but then these images get shattered by dark reality, and then Alice herself starts taunting Ryan. Despite all this fun with hallucinations, Ryan somehow manages to escape the Batcave and zip out in the Batmobile. I worried she wasn’t thinking clearly, but she actually had a logical goal. She goes to bother her again ex Angelique for information on where Ocean is. Not to find the map, though. Ryan thinks she’s a goner. Instead, she just wants to find and kill Alice.

Speaking of my favorite twisted twin, Alice starts the episode showing the fake corpse of Ocean to Safiyah’s lieutenant, named Tatiana. We’ve seen her in previous episodes, but this is the first time I remember her having an actual name. Alice quickly turns on Tatiana, and knocks her unconscious and ties her up. Why, you ask? To get the full story regarding the holes in her and Ocean’s memory, of course. Over the course of the episode we get a lot of backstory, which I loved. Apparently Safiyah and Alice both had a common foe, Catherine Hamilton, albeit for different reasons. The two dangerous women quickly bond after Alice is found on Hamilton’s yacht, boozing it up. Safiyah decides to keep the stray and train her to harness her rage.

This leads her to sparring with Ocean. They weren’t fast friends, but start to become mutually attracted to each other. I got real Arrow vibes from their sparring sessions, which was kind of fun. Later on, Tatiana shares that once Safiyah learned of their attraction, she lost her mind. Apparently, Safiyah (who may or may not be an actual lesbian) fell in love with Alice, and didn’t want to share. Especially after Ocean convinced the twisted twin to run away with him and a clipping of the fabled Desert Rose. Fun side note, apparently that’s not a normal plant. I mean, obviously it’s a magical panacea, but it also has some other fun features. Such as growing when exposed to blood.

I Find Ocean, I Find Alice


Batwoman | Alice and Tatiana

Meanwhile Ryan goes rogue in the Batmobile and heads to confront Angelique. I have to say, I had been a fan of the woman previously, but after this episode I kind of hate her. After Ryan nearly reveals her secret identity while suited up, Angelique turns nasty and knocks her out a window onto a car. Oh and did I mention Angelique already has a new girlfriend? Yea, not a fan anymore. However, despite nearly dying, Ryan does manage to get one tidbit from her drug dealing ex that helps later in the episode.

The other main thread involves the Crows. They find the identity of the evil doctor from last week, a Doctor Rogers. However, when they find the bad doctor, he and everyone else in the room are on a fatal Desert Rose drip. They are violently dead, with blood everywhere. Jacob and Sophie investigate the crime scene, and find the map case. Unfortunately, all that’s left inside are ashes and a note. It’s apparently written by Safiyah, and features the episode’s title. I’m not sure what to make of this. After all, someone has been pretending to be Safiyah since the beginning of the season. Plus, we saw Ocean start to light the map on fire last time. So I’m honestly not sure who burned the map, only that it’s gone.

We’re Not Killing Anyone


Batwoman | Safiyah Enraged

The end culminates with a revelation for Alice and a confrontation for Ryan. Turns out, the reason for Alice’s memory gap is a person, not a thing. Safiyah has a hypnotist named Enigma in her employ. No, not the Riddler, another Enigma. She managed to wipe both Alice and Ocean’s memory, but there was also some collateral damage. Namely, it caused Alice to become more cold and psychotic. Which makes sense, since a huge part of her emotional framework was erased. So I suppose Safiyah is the main reason Kate’s twin turned so bad.

As for Ryan, she puts on her Batwoman suit again and goes to kill Alice. She figures her time is limited, so she’ll kill the woman behind the death of her and Mary’s mom. When she confronts Alice, the madwoman laughs about the fact she helped create two Batwomen. The fight goes wrong quickly, and Alice takes charge and hurts Ryan badly. Somehow the near-dead Batwoman rallies, and gets Alice in a chokehold. Once again she has the option to kill, and luckily one more hallucination helps stop her. Ryan sees her dead mother, and doesn’t kill Alice. What she does manage to do is put a tracker on the villain, which will help her follow Alice and Tatiana to Coriana next week. Overall not a bad episode, but I have much higher expectations for the next one.

Final Verdict: 3/5

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