Top 10 Nazi-Punching Games That Will Earn You Your Scalps

Achtung! Nazis are one of the greatest threats to society in recent years, so let’s write a list you will Nazi coming.

“Part of the attraction of the hero is their apparently clear and distinct outlook on what constitutes normality for humanity. It is this that allows them to wield their power with absolute conviction and undisturbed by doubt. This is why a great many films, novels, comics and computer games portray the villains as absolutely and irredeemably evil. Daleks, Zombies, Demons, Nazis, Orcs and alien invaders (non-humanoid ones in particular) are unequivocally ‘the bad guys’ and as an audience we want to see them defeated by the hero, often with extreme prejudice.” -Mike Alsford; Heroes & Villains

Generally, when you write a list article, it can take some real effort to find the entries to add to it. In the case of finding games with Nazis as the villains, that seems to be the exception to the rule. The more I researched, the bigger this list got. Nazis are considered evil, vile enemies, generally set alongside zombies and demons. The difference, though, is Nazis existed (and still exist) in real life. These are monsters that aren’t hiding under your bed or in the closet. They’re shopping at the grocery store next to you. They aren’t some myth or legend. They acted upon their thoughts of genocide and extermination of entire races of people during the Holocaust.

So, since punching or scalping a Nazi is illegal, best take out your frustrations by killing digital ones. This list includes some of the very best video games that give players a chance to stop a very real evil that has existed, even if it’s fake versions.

Battlefield series

Battlefield started as a simple Allies vs. Axis shooting game called Battlefield 1942, developed in 2002. In this team-building first person shooter game, players chose to either be Allies or Nazis at start up and proceeded to choose their class and face each other or work cooperatively against computer controlled bots.

Most other Battlefield games focus on other wars and eras, including Vietnam and a far-flung future war. But, the “direct” sequel Battlefield 1943 was released on the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network as a digital only title in 2009. The game focused solely on the Pacific Theatre of Operations during World War 2, so the opposing team consisted solely of the Japanese Navy. Also in 2009, Battlefield Heroes was an EA free-to-play third-person shooter title that disguised the combatants as a Red team and a Blue team, although it was modeled after World War II.

Call of Duty series

Call of Duty is often looked at as a standard copy-and-paste first person shooter series, nowadays. But, it buries its roots in World War II. The first three games in the series and their console spin-offs (Finest Hour and Big Red One) really helped standardize the FPS genre at the turn of the century. Through all five of these titles, players could play as different armies, such as the American, British, and Soviets. Axis was generally always the enemy.

Call of Duty has since gone to Vietnam with their Black Ops story line, but started the entire story with Call of Duty: World at War. World at War dropped the characters into the last portion of the war, focusing on the Pacific Theatre. Worth noting is this series of games started the mainstay Call of Duty mode: Nazi Zombies, as well. Since then, the series has remained in the modern or near-future settings.

Call of of Duty: WWII is the next installment of the series and will focus solely on killing Nazis again, setting the game entirely during the European theatre. Not only will players be shooting at living Nazis in the series, the undead have risen again and will be in the WWII Nazi Zombie multiplayer mode as well.

Medal of Honor series

Medal of Honor is a rarity, in that it doesn’t stray from its roots very often. The first twelve installments of the series focused wholeheartedly on World War II, jumping around at different battles. They have gone “modern” only in the most recent games with their scenario.

Medal of Honor only earns its spot on this list due to its amount of games. The overwhelming amount of installments in the series focus solely on killing Nazis and the other Axis members. And that’s alright with us.

Company of Heroes series

Not all Nazi-killing games are first person shooters! We have to look at some of additional genres for a good time. Company of Heroes (and it’s sequel, Company of Heroes 2) has been regarded as one of the best real time strategy games out there. Keeping up with rival games like StarCraft and Command and Conquer for its depth, the series focuses on the realistic WWII-era theatre.

The first game focuses on the Americans being in the battles of Normandy, starting with D-Day as the first level. Meanwhile, the sequel takes players on the Eastern Front with the Russians. In both games, the Nazis are the antagonists in a well-read fictional adventure that could easily have been ripped from the history books.

Jesse Collins brings over a decade of knowledge and experience in the video game industry. In his work, Jesse keeps up-to-date and modern to the best of his ability in the ever-changing industry. With prior experience in public relations and marketing for indie development video games, Jesse has also been a journalist for several publications in the past. He doesn’t THINK outside of the box, he LIVES outside of it.
  • Guest

    How about a video game where you get to play as a Neo-Nazi or KKK Member that kills peaceful and innocent protesters while the President of the United States supports and defends you?

    Oh, wait… That’s real life.

    • Jesse Victor Lee Collins

      No, no… It’s ok. I didn’t wanna be sad today or anything.

      Though, it’s interesting to see how much hate is coming at this article. Let me bask in it.

      • Guest

        LOL. My bad. Why would anyone in their right mind hate this article though? It’s a funny, well-written, and accurate piece about the best video games that have the most universally-hated enemy of all time, Nazis. Unfortunately there’s still some Nazis left in the U.S. that Donald Trump loves because they voted for him. But don’t let them get you down. The extreme right will always be in the extreme minority.

  • Hans Wurst

    I’m pretty sure at least a quarter of those people who will comment on here, do behave like Nazi supporters back then in their own lifes today.

    What I find kind of ignorant though is how German soldiers are just portrayed as (I quote) “Nazi scum” while most of them weren’t even supporting the Nazis. Especially viewed from an American perspective, by the time the Americans (who, until then, had supported the Nazis financially, just like the Russians did until Hitler suddenly attacked them) finally joined the war, almost no German supported the Nazis anymore…most soldiers were very young men and kids anyway by then who, for sure, didn’t want to fight that war.

    I’d give kudos to any developer who would finally make a game where one would experience the whole hell from an average German’s perspective. Of course needing to kill Americans makes this rather unlikely ever to happen on today’s gaming market. The hypocrites’ outrage would be even worse than lately with Far Cry 5!

    Gonna be labeled as SJW and snowflake soon enough anyway.

    • Jesse Victor Lee Collins

      I don’t disagree with you. But, the ones that weren’t supporting the Nazis and still were with them really gives off a mixed signal. This image is from Auschwitz of Nazi soldiers just enjoying life, while people nearby were getting shot and gassed. When I think of the “Nazi scum”, I think of this picture.

      • Hans Wurst

        “And still were with them..” they’d probably been shot or at least jailed for deserting! Not much of a choice when you’re at war…would probably be the same for you if Trump managed to start a world war.

        Concerning that picture I do agree the Nazis were scum, of course. Everyone willingly supporting them and agreeing with their doings was too and deserves to be labelled as a Nazi…it’s just true that not every German soldier was a Nazi, far from it. The SS and SA were of course.

        • Nisse Borin

          Agreed, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of P.O.W:s the German army used to construct roads in remote areas or other kinds of forced labor for the war machine.

          I would not be surprised if there were plenty of prisoners, free-thinkers and other threats to their supremacy who were used as cannon fodder on their behalf.

          But yeah, the Nazis in these games are pretend-Nazis, one-dimensional evil creatures, the worst of the bunch really. It’s fun to kill those Nazis. 🙂

  • Limit Break

    Killing nazis is fun. Killing degenerates in general is fun. Damn, it’s so sweet, hearing them drown in their own blood as they remember something misc from their lives like when they didn’t give back that one dollar to somebody they loaned it from back in school… Nice.
    Subhumans, amIright,fellas ?

    • Hans Wurst

      I hope you’re fine…I just hope for you didn’t vote for Trump or Putin cause they are clearly targeting similar feelings in people these days.

      • Limit Break

        Nope. Neither living in US, nor Russia.

        • Hans Wurst

          Good for you I guess.

          • Limit Break

            I AM living right near Russia, so there is nothing to be okay about either. They are the worst fucking neighbors. Well, maybe after some African tribe of cannibals, I guess.

  • Nisse Borin

    Wolfenstein (1992) omitted from this list?

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