Top 10 Nazi-Punching Games That Will Earn You Your Scalps

Commandos series

There are five games in the Commandos series, all focusing on stealth-action in real-time tactics style. The games focus on a fictional British Commandos unit in World War II. The majority of the games are set in an isometric camera angle. But, the last game, Strike Force, applies a first-person perspective.

Commandos’ may not be known for its story and the graphics haven’t held up very well over the years, but the game takes the prize for stealth and tactics here.


Turning Point: Fall of Liberty


turning point nazi white house

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty was an easily forgotten game that came out in 2008 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Where the gameplay was mediocre, the story was exceptional.

It tells an alternate reality where Winston Churchill died 8 years before World War II. This led to a war and world without his leadership. The game takes place after Nazi Germany has won, subduing the majority of the Allies in the 1940s. This is due to the United States staying out of the war altogether. In 1953, Germany decides to invade an unprepared USA and the main character is an average nobody trying to survive the onslaught and chaos as a resistance fighter.

This isn’t a one-man army type of game. This was the every-man construction worker just trying to stay alive. Despite being universally panned by critics for not being well-made, it deserves a spot on this list for a great “What if?” scenario.


Wolfenstein series

The Wolfenstein series has always been rooted in Nazi-killing. The originals were lesser known, but Wolfenstein 3D redefined the first-person shooter genre (alongside its sister games, Doom and Quake). B.J. Blazkowicz is the ultimate hero of the franchise, starting from ID Software’s first Wolfenstein 3D. He will be returning in this year’s Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, as well.

Wolfenstein II, due out this October 27th, 2017, will take place in a Nazi America. The game has ton of fine Nazi-killing in a very deep alternate history where World War II gave America over to Germany. KKK Klansmen and Nazis walk the streets with no fear of persecution in their version of 1961. It’s a scary place to be.


The Saboteur

Although great in its own right, The Saboteur is unique on this list for the story alone. Instead of focusing on the war, the game focuses on a plot for revenge. The protagonist is just an Irish racecar mechanic named Sean Devlin. Cheated out of a win by a Nazi colonel, his best friend is killed and he winds up in the French Resistance during German occupation of France. Players are in the third person, utilizing stealth if they wish or run in, guns a-blazing. Since it’s open world, the mission is to try to push Nazi occupation out, little by little.

The game got a luke-warm rating across the board, But, it was Pandemic Studios’ (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Star Wars: Battlefront) last major outing before being liquidated.

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