PlayStation and Xbox Get Spooky This Month With Project 13

A Bracing Walk Through the Psych Ward


Project 13 | Featured

Like many, I’m drawn to horror because of how disturbing and mind bending the genre tends to be. Even though I’m very much not built for it, I can’t turn away. Which brings us to a new offering today from Dolores Entertainment and Drybread Games called Project 13. It’s a mix of a walking simulator and horror adventure that takes things in a surprising new direction, and it’s coming May 31st to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S.

Project 13 | Somewhat Bloody

In Project 13, players assume the role of a disposable Probant, stripped of rights and a future, tasked with navigating the mysterious and haunting corridors of a Psych Ward. Your objective is simple yet perilous: report any anomalies encountered during your walks. But here’s the twist – a single mistake means starting anew. Only by consistently reporting accurately can you hope to progress through the enigmatic corridors and uncover the truth lurking within.


  • Repeating Hospital Corridor: Immerse yourself in a chillingly repetitiveenvironment, where each step could lead to discovery or deception.
  • Over 35 Anomalies: Uncover the secrets hidden within the corridor as you encounter over 35 unique anomalies. Stay vigilant, for every detail matters.
  • Confirmation After Each Walk: After each expedition, confirm whether you experienced any anomalies. Your accuracy determines your fate.
  • Escape on the 13th Walk: Success lies in your ability to navigate the corridors and accurately report anomalies. Reach the 13th walk unscathed, and you may find the elusive exit.
  • Variable Duration: The game’s duration is unpredictable, ranging from 40 minutes to “a lot longer.” Sharpen your eyesight and hone your sense for anomalies to expedite your escape.

Project 13 | Nice Lady

Take a walk on the spooky side in the Project 13 trailer below. And stay tuned to HPP for more surprising horror games.


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