How to Obtain Every Dress in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Seeking Every Unlockable Dress? Check out our Final Fantasy VII Remake Dress Guide


Tifa and Aerith's best dress options shown here in our Final Fantasy VII Remake Dress Guide

Attainable after finishing the game, there are nine dresses for Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa needed for the ‘Dressed to the Nines’ achievement.

To do this, first, you have to finish the game to unlock the chapter select. Then, select each portion you want to replay (you can also replay old saves, but that will take much longer). Afterward, complete the conditions listed in the guide below and then finish the chapter. Then enter Chapter 9 from chapter select and proceed to the Mansion selection to see which dress you’ve unlocked.

TIP: most of these odd jobs are accomplished in Chapters 8 and 9 (though be careful with Aerith’s Pink Dress as certain quests need to be complete in chapter 8 to Unlock Cloud’s ‘White Dress’).


Cloud’s Dress: Chapter 9 Decisions


Cloud has many options here shown on our Final Fantasy VII Remake Dress Guide

Cloud has the most decisive arcs that you need to finish in the right order to attain.

  • Blue and Black Dress: Do the Sam questline. First, follow Johnny to the Honeybee Inn and agree with him, then choose heads or tails at the coin toss with Chocobo Sam. Finally, choose the cheapest ‘Poor man’s massage’ option at Madam M’s. That will unlock: “The Party Never Stops” and “Dynamite Bodies” side-quests.
  • Black Dress: Don’t do any side quests in Chapter 9 and go straight back to Madam’s M’s That’ll unlock the center black dress: Cloud’s most basic attire.
  • White Dress: Do the Madam M questline. First, be sure the ‘Angel of the Slums’ quest in Chapter 8 is finished effectively unlocking Mireille Dudley’s ‘Price of Thievery.’ Then in Chapter 9, ignore Johnny entirely. This means ignoring Johnny when he runs past you on the way to Don Corneo’s or disagree with him at the Honeybee Inn. You also must not call heads or tails during Chocobo Sam’s coin toss and then go with the most expensive luxury massage at Madam M’s. Do all of this, and you should get the “The Price of Thievery” and “Shears’ Counterattack” side-quests.


Aerith’s Dress: Chapter 8 Decisions


Aerith's different dresses available in-game shown here on our Final Fantasy VII Remake Dress Guide

Aerith’s dresses are all contingent upon how many Odd Jobs she finishes in Chapter 8.

  • Simple Dress: Complete 0 to 2 Odd Jobs in Chapter 8.
  • Standout Pink Dress: 3 to 4 Odd Jobs in Chapter 8.
  • Sexy Red Dress: Complete 5 or 6 Odd Jobs in Chapter 8.


Tifa’s Dress: ‘Alone at Last’ Selection in Chapter 3


Tifa outright asks what to wear as shown here in our final fantasy vii remake dress guide


Tifa’s is the most direct and most fan-servicey, outright asking early on what dress to wear. You have to select it during Cloud and her discussion inside her room at the quest ‘Alone at Last,’ which you should get near the end of the chapter after finishing odd jobs.

  • Low-Cut Blue Dress: Something Mature
  • Cheongsam type dress: Something sporty
  • Kimono Robe: Something Exotic


Don Corneo picks his bride here in our final fantasy 7 remake dress guide


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