dr. mario world

Dr. Mario World Review (Mobile)

Malpractice? Not quite… Before I embark on any finger-wagging spiels on predatory micro-transactions, let us make one thing clear: as seen below, I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Mario World enough to grant it a 4/5 rating. In its ambitions to court veterans and newcomers alike, Dr. Mario’s latest concoction successfully…

Catherine: Full Body Review (PS4)

Well-rounded Flavor     If you have any interest in Catherine: Full Body, then you most likely fall into two distinct categories. You’re either a fan of the original 2011 release, simply titled Catherine, or you have caught word about the series before and want to experience the game…

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots Review (PC)

The Beginning of the Bear       Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is a prequel game to the three-part Bear With Me series. It’s a detective-themed point-and-click adventure game following grizzled, cynical detective “Ted. E. Bear.” In The Lost Robots, Ted is tasked with solving the murder of…

SEGA AGES Space Harrier Review (Switch)

Return to the Fantasy Zone     The ’80s was a pivotal point for the arcade world.  The advent of Space Invaders only a couple years prior in 1978 brought about a coin-op craze that saw video games booming in shopping malls, bowling alleys, and dedicated arcades.  Developers progressed…

SEGA AGES Puyo Puyo Review (Switch)

Looks can be deceiving     I’ve been an avid fan of puzzle games for quite a while now.  I cut my teeth on Tetris when it first showed up on the NES and Game Boy.  I spent dozens of hours practicing with the wonderfully charming Tetris Attack (and…

Wargroove Review (PS4)

Advance Swords     A lot of people jumped onto the Wargroove bandwagon when it was first announced. I was no exception. A spiritual successor to the Advance Wars franchise that not only mimics it in terms of gameplay but graphically as well? How could you call yourself an Advance Wars fan and not be hyped…

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