Jack Axe Review (Switch)

Jack Axe Review: Girls Get It (Mostly) Done   It was never really a question whether or not I would review Jack Axe, a cute platformer about a mischievous Viking girl. The question was when I would finish it and how much I would enjoy it. Developed by Keybol…

Klang 2 Review (PC)

Klang 2 Review: Music to My Ears     Rhythm-based combat has always been such a fickle mechanic. A tantalizing fruit for many that only some have nibbled on, and others stare longingly at. No Straight Roads adventured out with it and got a bit lost; Boy Beats World…

Aeon Must Die Review (PS4)

Aeon Must Die Review: The Evolution Of The Beat ‘Em Up   Before we dig into Aeon Must Die, I just want to be clear that yes, we at HPP are very much aware of the controversy surrounding the game’s launch. If you want to know more about the accusations…

Dandy Ace Review (Xbox One)

Dandy Ace Review: Welcome To The Greatest Show Not Of This Earth! Developed by Mad Mimic, Dandy Ace opens up with a humorously narrated tale of a beloved magician, Dandy Ace, and an envious rival magician, Lele, who makes a devious deal with a dark entity to trap him…

Inscryption Review (PC)

Inscryption Review: A Spooky Roguelike-Deckbuilder-Escape-Room Game Just in Time for Halloween What is it about roguelike deckbuilders that just sink their claws into me again and again? Before I dipped my toes into Slay the Spire, it was a genre I didn’t even know existed, and it’s now become…
inspector waffles

Inspector Waffles Review (Switch)

Inspector Waffles is on the case! Inspector Waffles was once known as one of the greatest detectives Cat Town had ever seen; these days, he’s more likely to get to the bottom of a milk bottle than a case. Things haven’t been the same since the “Snowball Incident…” but…

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