Warlocks 2: God Slayers Review (Switch)

Every Witch Way     Warlocks 2: God Slayers is the result of an attempt to create something unique, but not knowing entirely how to do it. When you look at it closely, there are a lot of things in this game. You’ve got some Metroidvania, a good dose…

Layers of Fear 2 Review (PC)

Layers too Scary to Peel Away     For many years I’ve wondered what horror games could match the mind-warping terror of the Amnesia titles. Many of the horror titles I’ve reviewed more recently seemed to make frustratingly fundamental errors in creating good scares, from tiresomely meandering gameplay to…

Citizens of Space Review (PS4)

Outta this World     Oh, Citizens of Space… where do I even begin with this game? As a spiritual successor to Citizens of Earth, the bar was already set fairly high for it — both in terms of writing and gameplay — and there’s no denying the very real possibility that…

Super Neptunia RPG Review (Switch)

Falling Just A Little Flat     I’m going to preface this review by making something clear. I like the Neptunia franchise. I’ve been a fan of the series for a good few years now which, while that amount of time might not break any records, puts me in a comfortable…

Samurai Showdown Review (PS4)

A Triumphant Return To Form For SNK’s Flagship Weapons Fighter         I have to confess; I was a little worried when SNK first debuted Samurai Shodown ahead of last year’s Tokyo Game Show. As a lifelong fan of the long-running weapons-based fighting series, I was a bit…

Judgment Review (PS4)

Old Dog, New Tricks     Judgment marks the latest release from Yakuza developer Sega. A direct spinoff of the aforementioned franchise, the game takes place in the familiar fictional Japanese city of Kamurocho. However, rather than having the player once again assume the role of reformed gangster and “Dragon…

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