Close to the Sun Review (PC)

Closer to Bioshock     Just as Icarus flew too close to the sun, the obvious question on many people’s minds will be: does Close to the Sun sail too close to Bioshock? Stom in a Teacup’s new title and Ken Levine’s classic share much in common: both are…

Heart of the Woods Review (PC)

A Magical Experience     My experience with visual novels has certainly been interesting. Stemming entirely from my time as a video game reviewer, my first-ever VN experience plopped me straight into the mysterious and (at the time) very unfamiliar world of otome with Amnesia: Memories, soon whisking me away…

Dangerous Driving Review (PS4)

Ridin’ Dirty     Arcade racers have been in need of a little love this day and age. Three Fields Entertainment’s Burnout series has been a long-standing champion amongst the genre. We haven’t been graced by its presence since 2008’s open-world take on the series, Burnout Paradise, and have been itching…
Super Robot Wars T | Cast List

Super Robot Wars T Review (Switch)

Does the T in This Super-Sized SRPG Stand for “Take My Money” or “Throw It Away?”   Playing the Super Robot Wars franchise in English was thought to be nothing but a dream for the longest time. However, over the last four years, Bandai Namco Asia has made that…

Weedcraft Inc Review (PC)

High as a Kite in a Hurricane     When I first heard about Weedcraft Inc, my expectation was that it was going to be a totally comical management sim – I mean come on: the name sounds like it’s a Warcraft parody made by Snoop Dogg! However, Weedcraft…

Moero Chronicle Hyper Review (Switch)

The Beauty of the Beast     As a reviewer, I’ve had plenty of experience with Japanese games that specialize in hitting players with heavy doses of… erm… shock value of the revealing variety. I’ve reviewed Hyperdimension Neptunia. I’ve reviewed Gal*Gun. And I’ve reviewed Senran Kagura. I thought that I was immune to…

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