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Undead Darlings

Undead Darlings Preview

Drop dead glorious Like the zombie genre as a whole, it seems Undead Darlings refuses to die. Originally announced…
The Expression Amrilato | Featured

The Expression: Amrilato Review…

A tale of two girls, not only learning to speak with each other but also learning how to express…
Valve Has a Problem with MangaGamer | Featured

Valve Has a Problem…

What could Valve have against an all-ages yuri visual novel about learning to communicate? And why do they keep…

Visual Novel/Strip Puzzler Kotodama:…

PQube and Art Co.’s naughty VN puzzler Kotodama: The 7 Mysteries of Fujisawa arrives in Europe, North American release to…
Death end re;Quest | Featured

Death End re;Quest Review…

Is Compile Heart’s Latest Game a Programmer’s Delight? or Is It a Bug-Infested Nightmare?     Death end re;Quest…
Super Neptunia RPG

Idea Factory International Press…

What surprises does IFI have for us on Thursday? Let’s take a few guesses!”   This Thursday is Idea…

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