Tag: super mario maker 2 guide

soundfrog mario maker 2

How to Clear Soundfrog’s…

Do the Soundfrog Dance! What, you didn’t know Soundfrog could manipulate the very earth as we knew it? It’s…
patrick super mario maker 2

How to Solve Partrick’s…

Whatcha got for us, Partrick? Yes, that’s PARTrick, not Patrick. As seen above, this humble Brick Block has a…
ancient seesaw fortress

How to Solve Ancient…

What, you didn’t know Ancient Egyptians loved playing seesaw? “Father of Name Withheld”? Yeah, that sinister laughter’s not fooling…
no-jump snowfield

How to Clear No-Jump…

I mean it: No Jumping! Augh, No-Jump Levels! It’s not just about avoiding airtime; nay, your feet must not,…
yamamura mario maker 2 guide

How to Clear Yamamura’s…

Coo. Coo coo. Coo. When he’s not eating edamame or teaching level-creating classes at his Super Mario Maker 2…
mr. eraser

How to Clear Mr.…

Psst, kid…you want some synthetic rubber? Of the various contractors lurking around Peach’s Castle, Mr. Eraser is the most…

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