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chaos code

Chaos Code: New Sign…

Is It As Chaotic As It Sounds? Given that this game is a remaster, of a port designed for…
Estival Versus Banner 2

Senran Kagura Estival Versus…

Life’s a party when you’re a Shinobi I have to give credit to Kenichiro Takaki. He not only created Senran…
Faeria Banner

Faeria Review

Faeria’s hybrid card game/board game model holds up well, so long as you’re okay with freemium models I’d like…
Introvert Quest

Introvert Quest Review

Next time, stay indoors As someone who generally tries to stay away from people that I don’t know, Introvert…
Monster Monpiece 2

Monster Monpiece Arrives on…

Monster Monpiece is here, in all of its monster girl card-battling glory Idea factory has announced today that its…
chaos code

Chaos Code: New Sign…

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe brings fast-paced fighting action to PS4 & Steam March 15 Arc System Works…

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