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Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha…

Two bullet hell collections to release next year NIS America today announced that Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo will…

Neptunia Shooter Review (PC)

Bite-Sized Shooter, NepNep Flavoring     It’s fairly common practice for games to at least try to branch off…

Beat Blaster Review (PC)

Playing on Tilt     Beat Blaster is a game where you navigate their way through 30 procedurally generated…

Channel Your Inner John…

Devolver Digital brings the pain (and produce!) this summer with My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro, DeadToast Entertainment’s completely…

Waframe’s Fortuna: The Profit…

Warframe’s Fortuna: The Profit Taker DLC is poised to give players a case of cybernetic arachnophobia    Canadian studio…

Gungrave VR Review (PSVR)

One Foot In The Grave   After seeing Gungrave VR in person at E3 this year, I have to…

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