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Pawarumi Switch

Neo Aztec Shmup Pawarumi…

Frantic bullet-hell shooter Pawarumi blasts its way onto Switch and Xbox One on July 24th     Pawarumi, the…

Devil Engine Review (Switch)

A brilliant and brutal take on a classic formula     Devil Engine is a heartfelt throwback to the…

Super Hydorah Review (PS4)

Super Hydorah is a Shoot ‘Em Up For The Old Schoolers   The busy world of video games has…
Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora EX Review…

Fans of shoot-em-ups should make time for Sine Mora EX.   Sine Mora EX is an enhanced version of…

Bullet Soul Review (PC)

Bullet Soul sounds like an emo band I knew in high school.   Oh Bullet Soul, oh how I…

Starry Nights: Helix Review…

Even The Name Makes You Think Of Sleep     I don’t hate Starry Nights: Helix. Not because it’s…

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