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Time Recoil title

Time Recoil Review (Late…

The time is right. Imagine my delight when I discovered that the people behind the fabulous shooters Crimsonland and…

Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha…

Two bullet hell collections to release next year NIS America today announced that Psikyo Shooting Stars Alpha and Bravo will…
Pawarumi Switch

Neo Aztec Shmup Pawarumi…

Frantic bullet-hell shooter Pawarumi blasts its way onto Switch and Xbox One on July 24th     Pawarumi, the…

Neptunia Shooter Review (PC)

Bite-Sized Shooter, NepNep Flavoring     It’s fairly common practice for games to at least try to branch off…

Bullet Hell Shooter ESP…

Psychic shoot ’em up ESP Ra.De. soars onto the Switch and PS4 later this year The emulation specialists at…

Devil Engine Review (Switch)

A brilliant and brutal take on a classic formula     Devil Engine is a heartfelt throwback to the…

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