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Figment Review

Mind Over Matter Earlier this year, I was able to demo a preview build of Bedtime Digital Games’ (at the…

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach…

The Girls Are Back In Town, And Their Boobs Are Still Magnificent!   Do you like boobs and video…

Rule with an Iron…

Something Fishy this way Comes I used to love flash games. Back when sites like Newgrounds and, later on,…

Astral Traveler Review

Astral Plain 3D runners, or games with 3D runner segments in them, have been around for a while now.…

3030 Deathwar Redux Review

Infinite activities, occasional boredoms Ever play a game where one aspect of the package is really impressive? Like, it’s…

Beat the Game Review

Offbeat Beat the Game is one of the strangest games that I’ve played in a while. On the surface,…

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