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Wrath title

WRATH: Aeon of Ruin…

Wrath’s upcoming physical release will really appeal to your sense of greed. 3D Realms’ upcoming FPS Wrath: Aeon of…
scathe title

‘Scathe’ Is An Upcoming…

A rather scathing preview. Shooting demons in an FPS. Is there a more iconic duo? I won’t even bother…
hrot title

Retro Soviet-Themed Shooter ‘HROT’…

Putting the “rad” back in comrade. So yeah, the retro FPS renaissance continues unabated. And why not? What’s not…
altered beast fangame

Altered Beast Fan Game…

Come back to the arcades one more time Those of us who are retro heads probably grew up in…
demon pit title

Demon Pit Review (PC)

What sort of fresh Hell is this? With the re-emergence of classic first person-shooter tropes, the sub-genres of arena…
megacopter title

Desert Strike-inspired Game In…

Get to the Megachopper now! Remember Desert Strike and its sequel Jungle Strike? They were all the rage years ago,…

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