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Demon Gaze II Preview:…

Summon Your Ideal Demon Waifu How does the idea of catching demons that look like cute anime girls sound…

The Escapists 2 Preview

Breaking the law and having a ball My time with The Escapists 2 could best be described in one word;…

Figment Preview

It’s all in your head I’ve always been interested in Psychology. What we say, what we do, how we…

Starsector Preview

Anything but “down-to-Earth” I can’t say that I was expecting too much from Starsector upon first booting it up. With…

E3 Preview: Moss –…

Polyarc delivers an unexpected showstopper with Moss.   Every so often, a game comes out of left field and…

E3 Preview: OK K.O.!…

Make superhero friends with trading cards. OK K.O.! is the perfect amalgamation of innocent childhood adolescence and comic book…

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