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Kickstarter Watch: Renoir

Renoir challenges players to solve murders through the eyes of their victims.   James Renoir is not having a…
combat core

Kickstarter Watch: Combat Core…

Combat Core revives 3D arena fighting action, with an alpha out now.   Fighting is pretty great. Some of…
Descent: Underground

Kickstarter Watch: Descent: Underground

Descent: Underground begins a new generation of confined-space combat.     The original Descent emerged from the stars all the way…
Thea: The Awakening

Kickstarter Watch: Thea: The…

The shadowy and the Slavic come together in Thea: The Awakening.   Few things in this industry are more…
The Black Glove

Kickstarter Watch: The Black…

The Black Glove combines the atmosphere and showmanship of Bioshock and wears a brand new suit. Irrational Games closing…

Kickstarter Watch: Voxelfield: DESTROY…

It’s no small secret that I love Dota, and MOBAs in general. I have over 1,500 hours clocked in…

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