Tag: First Person Shooter

Beat Blaster Review (PC)

Playing on Tilt     Beat Blaster is a game where you navigate their way through 30 procedurally generated…
Hellbound title

Hellbound Preview

Come Hellbound and high water. You know the drill by now. A new first-person shooter that styles itself on…
Amid Evil logo

Amid Evil Preview

Now you won’t have to choose the lesser evil. Lately we’ve had a flood – no, a deluge –…
Soldiers of the Universe title

Soldiers Of The Universe…

Nationalism on fire.   First-person shooters have split into two camps recently. On one hand, we have military shooters:…

Alien Arena: Warriors Of…

Mars Attacks!   Ever since the folks at iD Software were kind enough to release the source codes to…
Still Not Dead title

Still Not Dead Preview

Still not dead. Technically, still not ready!   Still Not Dead. It’s perhaps the most inaccurate title for a…

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