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Granblue Fantasy Versus | Featured

AX 2019: Granblue Fantasy:…

XSEED Games may have not had a booth at Anime Expo this year, but the fan-favorite publisher still had…

Gift of Parthax Review…

The Gift of The Gift of Parthax   I’ll admit that gaming and I have been in a bit of…
indie pogo logo title

Indie Pogo Sees Various…

Wherever you go, I pogo.   Gamers in general and nerds in particular sure do love their crossovers. We…
ARMS review

ARMS Review (Switch)

Is Nintendo’s new fighter a OHKO? Like Splatoon before it, ARMS is an unconventional take on a genre Nintendo…

Dynasty Feud Review (PC)

Super Smash Bros. For Family Yearbook In case you haven’t noticed, the Smash-style brawler is making a comeback. Between…

Black Belt Retro Review…

Back in black and on the attack!   Anybody out there who has read some of my previous reviews…

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