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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai…

What, you didn’t know Thomas the Tank Engine was a Super Saiyan? What, you thought Dragon Ball fans were…
project z

Dragon Ball Game –…

Confirmed for 2019! So yeah, remember that Dragon Ball Action RPG game Namco mentioned the other day? The trailer…
dragon ball yamcha

Dragon Ball: That Time…

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Poor Yamcha: be it getting impaled, losing every Tenkaichi Budokai, or suffering point-blank…
jump force

E3 Preview: Jump Force

Best crossover ever? Let’s take a look.   When Namco-Bandai’s Jump Force — a crossover 3D fighter starring Weekly…
jump force

Jump Force Brings Together…

When worlds collide. The latest Weekly Shonen Jump crossover is here: Jump Force, billed as a 3D brawler, brings…
dragon ball fighterz patch

Dragon Ball Fighterz Patch…

Android 16 players may want to rethink their strategies… A Dragon Ball Fighterz patch is set for release on…

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