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ARMS Producer On Character…

Will Spring Man join Smash Bros.? Not so fast. In a post-GDC interview with Polygon, ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki…

The Nintendo Switch: A…

-Co-written by Jay Petrequin and Derek McCurry You could say Nintendo really ‘Switched’ gears in 2017     On…
arms dlc

ARMS DLC Has Come…

However, patches will continue. UPDATE: There has been some confusion regarding whether or not the Nintendo blog was merely…
arms graphic novel

ARMS Graphic Novel Arriving…

By Ian Flynn and Joe Ng! Already making plans for Free Comic Book Day? Then you may want keep…
new arms fighter

New ARMS Fighter, Stage…

This clown’s not so creepy, right? Yet another Nintendo Gamescom announcement has arrived, this time centered around a new…
ARMS review

ARMS Review (Switch)

Is Nintendo’s new fighter a OHKO? Like Splatoon before it, ARMS is an unconventional take on a genre Nintendo…

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