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    AvatarDavid Gunnels

    I’m curious about the longest campaigns you guys have ever run (or been a player in). For me, I ran a D&D 4e game that lasted through a full semester of college. Altogether, probably around 5 – 6 months. A lot of us were kinda new to the system (including me), so we had a lot of bumps, arguments, and insanity happen. Friendships were definitely tested. But, we all stuck together until the story actually fully wrapped up.

    Also, as a side note, I was so new to the system that I initially forgot to keep dividing the exp by the number of players, giving everyone about 4 times the experience they should have gotten. They weren’t too torn up about it, though.


    Deadlands might have been the longest I’ve run at about a year and a half back in the late 90’s. The longest campaign I’ve participated in has been going since 2006 (still running). While the cast has almost wholly recycled (hard not to in Call of Cthulhu) our Keeper is meticulous and well versed in the mythos. Keeps a calendar, takes copious notes, and is a great master of ceremonies.

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    AvatarDavid Gunnels

    It’s always great to hear about a game with so much staying power that it’s still kicking 10 years later. That’s awesome!


    I think this one campaign lasted for about a year or so. My level 3 Cloistered Cleric went from a priestess fresh out of the seminary to a grizzled veteran at level 10. She survived chain demons trying to assassinate her in her hotel room and a corrupted archangel destroying her home dimension, but somehow managed to make it through!

    Beth MeadowsBeth Meadows

    I’d love to have a campaign in Pathfinder/D&D that lasted more than a few months. I think I had one go about six before people started getting bored or life started getting in the way. We all meet online using Fantasy Grounds which has helped (we’re all college buddies). I love it all though I’m not terribly good at it.

    Other than that, during my lunch breaks at work my department usually plays a board game and we had a Dead of Winter campaign going for about a week straight. Considering our lunches usually run about an hour and a half to two hours that’s way too long to be dying from frostbite and zombie bites. 😛

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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