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    I’m always interested in hearing just what system got people into gaming. I’ll never forget getting my NES Deluxe Set for Christmas in 1986. Gyromite and Duck Hunt are the two games I blame for dooming me to a lifetime of hopeless gaming addiction.

    Thinking back, being an NES kid in that era was such a magical time. Just a short time after I got my system The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. became staples in my home. I have great memories of plowing through the dungeons of Zelda while my mom took care of the overworld segments, trekking through dozens of floors of Gauntlet with my brother (Wizard needs food badly!), and playing the hell out of the paintball-themed Gotcha! with my dad.

    Those really were the days.

    Well, enough of this old geezer waxing nostalgic. What is the first gaming system you ever owned?




    It hasn’t aged all that well (understatement) but I spent so much time on it. Originally, games were around $40 so they were few and far between. iirc I was 12 so I was still dependent on getting games as gifts.

    My thumb is still numb.


    Matthew Lindop

    My brother gave me his old nintendo! Loved that guy.


    The first console I ever owned was the good old Master System. It was one of those second generation ones with “Alex Kidd” built-in. Had hours of fun dying at lost games of rock-paper-scissors!


    I can’t recall what got me into gaming exactly. I don’t even have a “first” gaming memory.

    I do recall, however, getting an Atari 2600 as the first game system that was mine. I loved that thing. All the pretty colors and sounds.

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