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    Mike Vito

    I’m always looking for a new light gun game to try out. Here are my top 5 picks:

    5. Lethal Enforcers Sega CD
    4. Point Blank PSOne
    3. Area 51 PlayStation or Saturn
    2. House of the Dead 2 Dreamcast
    1. Time Crisis 3

    I just picked up Vampire Night for the PS2 last week. It may replace Lethal Enforcers!


    Man, that’s pretty tough for me. I’ve always been a light gun game fiend, and as a kid they were always the cabinets I went to first whenever I went to the arcades. Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Time Crisis, and The House of the Dead gobbled more quarters from me than I’d like to admit.

    In any case, here are my top 5:

    5. Lethal Enforcers – From the signature pumping, bass-filled Konami soundtrack to the awesome digitized characters and bullet holes that riddled the stages, I loved Lethal Enforcers to death when it made its arcade debut in 1992. I remember pretty much shitting myself in excitement when my parents got me the Genesis version for my 9th birthday, and I played that poor cart into the ground for months on end.

    4. The House of the Dead – This one is a timeless classic, and I’m pretty damn happy to have the deluxe cabinet in my living room. As a huge fan of Resident Evil and light gun shooters, I was through the roof when The House of the Dead blasted its way into the arcades back in 1997. Blasting undead brains to pulpy pixels was a thing of beauty, and the creepy mansion setting with its multiple paths to explore was awesome.

    3. CarnEvil – Yeah, I know – I might have a horror shooter problem I need to work out. CarnEvil is a gory blast from the past that really ups the ante for the arcade light gun genre. Featuring awesome pre-rendered backgrounds and a wild array of nightmarish ghouls to gib with your handy pump-action shotgun, CarnEvil is a so over-the-top and violent you’ll feel like you need a cold shower after you pry that shotgun from your sweaty mitts.

    2. Time Crisis 2 – While 3 might be the more technically impressive game with its weapon selection system and more explosive setpiece moments, Time Crisis 2 will always have my vote as one of the best damn light gun games ever released. The game’s vibrant Mediterranean setting, intense transitions from street shootouts to waterborne battles, and fun story made Time Crisis 2 one of the best games to ever grace the genre.

    1. Lucky and Wild – I know not many people will remember this gem from Namco, but Lucky and Wild is one hell of a thrill ride. The game is actually a driving game/shooter hybrid, that plays a bit like Chase H.Q. meets Lethal Enforcers. Using the ever popular Buddy Cop premise, one player drives and shoots while the second player is strictly on the trigger as you plow through crowded city markets, shopping malls, and highways chasing down and shooting it out with legions of black suit sporting criminals. The game is blazing fast and the gunplay is insanely addicting. If you stumble across a Lucky and Wild cab in the wild I can’t recommend trying it out enough.


    Mike Vito

    Lucky and Wild? I’ll need to search that one out. Ever see one locally?


    Lucky and Wild? I’ll need to search that one out. Ever see one locally?

    They used to have a cabinet at the AMF Lanes in Wilmington. My dad and I would go there and play that and T2: Judgement Day all the time.

    Check it out!


    Alex Lupella

    I hadn’t played a light gun game in years but ended up at an arcade two days ago that had a gigantic sit down Jurassic Park. Players one and two are armed with cannon-sized light guns and it played just like The Lost World did previously. I’ve never owned a super scope but always wanted to pick one up for Yoshi’s Safari. My favorites are easily House of the Dead 1 and 2. The multiple paths based on what you shoot makes for a better experience and the design holds up even in a retro way.

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