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    Hot ChocolateKenta

    Same as before( also it’s me Trey Burnout, figured it was time for a new name )

    On the move a lot lately so it’s been handheld city for a bit

    Lego Marvel
    Hotline Miami
    Persona 4: Golden
    Muramasa Rebirth

    AvatarKenny McKee

    Recently I’ve been jumping around more than usual. Let’s see…

    – Conception II
    – Shovel Knight
    – Tomodachi Life
    – Mega Man ZX

    – Skyrim

    I know Skyrim is old news, but I love Bethesda so much.


    Yo Trey, have you played Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed yet? If not, and you’re looking for something quirky as hell but entertaining for your Vita, pick that shit up!

    As for me I’ve been sinking some more time into Shadowgate (Check out our review here) and a bit of time here and there on the arcade cabs, playing mostly Breakers and some Metal Slug 3.

    I know the next few weeks will be dominated by Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax and Destiny, so I have to get it in while I can!

    AvatarAdam Foster

    Been slowly working through Infamous: Second Son. Great game.

    Also been playing a lot of Heroes of the Storm, the new Diablo 3 patch, and WoW.


    Do you plan on picking up First Light, Adam?

    Hot ChocolateKenta

    Not yet but it’s on my list, when I get some extra cash it’s as good as bought

    AvatarJay Petrequin

    I’ve had a weird week where I’ve hung out with the same group of friends four times, which has resulted in a LOT of Smash Bros project M and Mario Kart 8. I also borrowed Valkyria Chronicles from one of said friends, but I haven’t really dug into it yet. (and probably won’t soon because Andrew’s taking back the PS3 today) On my own I’ve also been getting back into Bravely Default, which I never played for long past the 15 hours to review it. Fighting the Summoner currently.

    AvatarAdam Foster

    I don’t really plan on picking up First Light. The story in Second Son is cool, but it wasn’t really the main draw for me, and I feel like I already got everything out of it that I wanted.



    Donkey Kong
    DK Jr.
    Space Invaders

    Basically arcade style games on the Everdrive when my puppy lets me play.


    Killer lineup, James. My monitor on my DK Jr. is acting up, pinching the left side of the screen a bit. It’s driving me crazy, because I’ve been DYING to get a good run through of that going.

    I also managed to scratch my Galaga itch at a local arcade a few weeks ago. Man, that game is just so damn addicting! Gotta love the classics.

    Hot ChocolateKenta

    I still need to get First Light, loved Fetch in Second Son( I dunno I think I just dig fictional junkie female secondary characters )

    on topic:

    Muramasa Rebirth


    Started playing The Forest co-op with husband the other night. Pretty much died immediately when the cannibals hit. Shit is intense right outta the gate.


    Started playing The Forest co-op with husband the other night. Pretty much died immediately when the cannibals hit. Shit is intense right outta the gate.

    Never heard of that one – what’s the deal? Elise and I are always looking for new co-op experiences to dive into.

    As for me, I’ve been sinking a lot of time into Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet on PS4 (review is going live in just a few hours), along with MeiQ: The Labyrinth of Death for the Vita, which we’ll have a piece on in the coming days. I also plan on diving into Mother Russia Bleeds at some point today, time permitting.


    Another open world survival early access game. We got burned out on Ark and 7Days by now so figured we give it a shot. Premise is your plane crashes and you have to survive, but there are locals who want to eat you. Also, so much decapitation. Only got about an hour in and a lot of that was trying to recover our backpacks. Heard good things though.


    Whelp Ark just released DLC, so I’m back to playing that. The Forest was still too early access to be much fun. No meaningful way to progress.

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