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    Watch Dogs 2 is set to release this Tuesday. Despite all the flack the original game got, I have to say I enjoyed it for what it was. Sure, the downgraded visuals and less-then-stellar driving hurt the experience, but as an open-world game I found Watch Dogs’ depiction of Chicago to be a fun playground well worth exploring, and the missions were entertaining from start to finish.

    That said, I’m pretty excited to dive back in when Watch Dogs 2 releases later this week. And the fact Ubisoft has avoided using bullshots and footage well beyond the scope of what we should expect definitely has me a bit less skeptical going in this time around.

    So, will you be picking up Watch Dogs 2?


    Never played the first one because the protag seemed like a tool, and the whole thing felt too grimdark. This time it feels goofy and fun, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Hoping to pick it up at/near launch.


    I’d wait a bit longer if you care about co-op play. As of right now it’s completely broken, but Ubisoft hopes to deploy a patch this weekend to remedy the issue. Here’s hoping it works out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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