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    Hello… My name is Heather, and I play video games.

    I suppose it all started when I was a toddler. My parents had an Atari 2600 and my dad would play Q-bert as I watched, fascinated. I even had one of those little Q-bert dolls with the squeaky nose. When I was finally able to start playing games on my own, I liked to play Sorcerer sometimes, but my favorite was a Strawberry Shortcake game which – in retrospect – was really, really lame, but hey… I was, like, three or four years old and it kept me entertained so it still has a place in my heart.

    Fast-forward a few years and I received a Sega Genesis for Christmas when I was ten. Along with it, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Mortal Kombat. Scorpion immediately became my favorite fighter in MK, and he’s still the first one I pick up when I get a new MK game. I never did beat Sonic 2, thanks to that damn metal sonic and not being able to save my game, but with the Sonic Collection on my 3DS I’m hoping to rectify that.

    Honestly… after the genesis era, I sort of fell out with video games. I had a GameBoy with Tetris and the Six Golden Coins Mario game, but aside from some PC shooters (namely Quake and Doom) I didn’t play many games. Then came some intervention by my Uncle Mark. He gave me a few Sierra games he had that he’d finished, and from the very first one I played, I was hooked. Thus began my love of point-and-click adventure games. Still, though, I pretty much only played Sierra P&C games throughout high school.

    Then I met a guy and fell in love. His name was Rob, and we went to college together. He introduced me to a little machine known as the Playstation 2 and a fighting game called Tekken Tag Tournament. Playing that game reminded me how much fun I had playing Mortal Kombat as a kid, and the two of us would battle each other for hours. (I even managed to break his win streak at an arcade once, despite him being an expert Bryan/Paul fighter and me just button mashing with Lee and Eddy.) However, it wasn’t until he introduced me to a game he’d been wanting to get for a while that I really started getting hooked back into video games. That game: Chrono Cross. I loved that game, and he let me play it after finishing it… which he only did once but I did three times in order to unlock every character. I actually managed to “inherit” the game in our break-up, and still own it to this day.

    But while Chrono Cross finally got me back into playing video games, the game which sealed the deal for me was a little title called Eternal Darkness. Having been out of the video game loop for years, I had no idea that games like that existed. The closest I had gotten were the two Phantasmagoria games. Being a fan of horror/suspense novels, that game was definitely my cup of tea. I went out and bought a GameCube and my own copy of the game shortly after my boyfriend’s roommate let me try out his. It remains one of my favorites to this day, and opened up a whole new area of gaming for me. Silent Hill, Resident Evil 4, the Fatal Frame Series… My morbid little mind was in heaven. (You’re talking to someone who, at the age of seven, wrote a story in computer class about a haunted house that killed people. It was Halloween! What else was I supposed to write about? Princesses and Ponies?)

    Fast-forward a little over 15 years to today…

    I currently own an original model PS3 (with an upgraded HDD) so I can play all my PS2 games, since I gave my PS2 to my younger sister when she moved out. I also have a PS4. I still have my GameCube, plus a Wii and a Wii U – both of which I hacked to let me play Fatal Frame IV after I imported it from Japan upon finding an English patch. (No shame. I love that series, and it was worth the price of importing the game.) No plans to ever get a Switch, though. I also own a New 3DS XL and two gaming laptops, and my father recently bought me a Vita as an early birthday present.

    My game collection is… massive, lol. I’m sure there are others who have much larger collections, but to me it’s a lot of games. My steam library is guaranteed to top 400 games once this year’s Summer Sale starts, and if you count my GOG library I definitely already have over 400 PC games. My Nintento collection is rather small, but consists of games I enjoy and find interesting. Okay, so… three of my GameCube games are Harvest Moon titles, and two of those are basically the same game but gender-swapped, but I love those games! Don’t judge. My PS2 collection has some of the more obscure titles in the survival horror genre, such as Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, and Kuon. It also consists of a plethora of other games, from fighting games to RPGs to hack-n-slash adventures. No FPS games, though. I haven’t enjoyed a shooter like that since my old days playing Doom and Quake. My PS3 collection is just as big as my PS2 collection and contains mostly the same genres. My PS4 collection, however, is a bit smaller – which will change when/if some of the games I’ve been waiting for finally get released! (KH3, anyone??) My handhelds I use for more “casual” gaming. My DS/3DS collection consists mostly of games in the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, Phoenix Wright, and Professor Layton series, while I plan on using my Vita to play a bunch of visual novels and otomes which are pretty much exclusive to the system.

    So, yeah… I have a bunch of games, but I’m horrible at finishing them. I have no platinum trophies. I’ve only finished three or four Steam games – most of which were otomes that are super-easy to complete. I have a nasty habit of getting the console version of a game and then re-purchasing it from Steam on sale – and one instance where I did the opposite. I am a bad, bad gamer who probably has ADD and won’t ever finish 90% of the games she owns. But it’s not about the bragging rights to me. I just do it for the fun. I freely admit to playing games on Easy difficulty because I just want to sit back an enjoy them as entertainment and art without feeling so frustrated I want to tear my hair out or throw my controller at the screen. I still own Bloodborne, though… but I haven’t even put it in my PS4 yet because I am afraid of how bad I will be at it. One of these days, though, I will pop a couple of Ativan and go for it.

    And that’s me in a – rather large – nutshell. If you made it through this whole ranting introduction, cheers! Have a cookie, because you are an awesome person. 🙂

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