Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet

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    So, over the past week or so I’ve been diving into our review build of Tohou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet for the PlayStation 4. For those who haven’t been following it, the game is a spinoff of the Touhou series of Bullet Hell shmups that plays like a hybrid of a manic shooter and a fighting game, with players choosing from their maiden/yokai of choice and battling it out in small arenas.

    While NISA hasn’t been going too hard promoting the game, I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun in both the game’s single player and online modes, and I can’t believe how great a fighting game with danmaku mechanics works. Each character has their own unique bullet patterns, and brutal melee combos ensure players will do plenty of zoning with huge waves of bullets. Spells are like super attacks, and the blanket the entire screen in glowing bullets.

    Anyway, the game lands on the PS4 on September 6, and we’ll be publishing our review on Tuesday morning for anyone who’s curious about the title.

    So, have any of you been keeping your finger on the pulse of this release? If so, we should totally get some online matches in post-launch.

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