Post your gamertags, PSN ids here.

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    Post your gamertag, playstation, Nintendo, and Steam IDs here.

    Xbox– Imaginary Boy
    PSN– xdeadpixelsx
    Nintendo– DeadPixels
    Steam– BridgeOnceBurned

    AvatarJay Petrequin

    Xbox: GuardianEatos16
    PSN: ExtremeSalsaing
    Wii U: GuardianEatos
    Steam: iatos

    Note that I don’t actually have my PS3 right now, so I won’t be responding for a while, lol.

    AvatarKenny McKee

    Steam: AeroHayl
    Wii U: AeroHayl
    PSN: AeroHayl
    XBL: AeroHayl
    Nintendo 3DS: 0645 – 5968 – 3770

    Mine’s all the same!


    XBOX – synbiosfan
    PSN – synbiosfan

    Just please mention the site in the request as I seem to get spammed with requests from time to time. I am a dick but not with requests 😛 I don’t want to miss out on gaming with cool people!

    AvatarMark White

    Oi peoples of the planet! Like they said try and mention Hey Poor Player in the header if you would like to add me so I know its not just some spammer
    You beautiful people can find me on:

    Steam: Xaidrien with a current nickname of: Infernal_Unicorn
    Xbox Live: Xaidrien7
    Wii U: Xaidrien
    Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn: Server: Leviathan /UID: Infernal Unicorn
    Star Citizen: Infernal_Unicorn

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    Sure, I’d be more than happy to add you guys.

    PSN: derkasan
    Steam: derkasan
    Xbox Live: Derka San

    Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate

    PSN: Stormgenki
    Xbox Live: HotChocolate009


    PSN, XBL, Nintendo, Steam – Stroggkern


    Right now I really just play my ps4,but you can find me everywhere using KrazyAzCracka

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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